Winter Wardrobe For Man #01

The Duffle Coat

The Duffle Coat is a staple of men’s winter wardrobes. Most of us at some point have owned one of these coats or something that’s taken some inspiration from it. Whether that be toggles on the front or a baggy hood attached.

Stay snug on chilly mornings goes for a classic style in a deep navy to layer over a tailored suit in sophisticated black or sleek grey for a timeless touch to your office wardrobe. Wool Duffle coats are both cozy and breathable, making them great for when the weather can’t make up its mind. If you’re off for a pub lunch or a walk in the park, pair one with a contrast hood, mid wash jeans and desert boots for a more casual look.

The Perfect Fit 

Getting clothes that fit right is essential to making sure you look good. You can spend a lot on getting a coat that’s well made but if it doesn’t fit you right, it can end up looking cheap, which is far from ideal! To make sure that your coat fits well you have to consider what you’re going to be wearing it with. If you’re wearing your duffle coat casually you should look for one that’s as close to your normal size as possible. For those that will be wearing the coat over thick clothing or a suit then you might want to consider picking one up in a larger size to accommodate for the fabric housed underneath.  Always try a demo were possible.

Source: & how to wear a Duffle Coat



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