A guide to men’s style on a budget. #04

We aren’t born with a sense of style (I know I wasn’t). Years ago I knew nothing about fashion and style and could have easily made someone’s worst dressed list. Now that I make more effort to look nice and have the better style  I used too.


Scarlett wrote a great piece on fashion on a budget. Here’s my follow-up – a guide to men’s style on a budget. 

Picture insert title

1. Define your style

If you’re having trouble figuring out what shirt goes with what pair of pants you own, enlist some help from someone you know who does. It can be easier if you have a cool friend to help you.

But if your friends have no fashion sense either you can turn to someone that does – the Internet.

Use a Google image search to look up the style of an actor/singer/celebrity you like. For example:

Save some pictures to your computer, phone, or tablet. For example here is one I came across that I like:

2. Style on a budget?

I’m not a big shopper, and I don’t try to be a fashion icon. Scarlett and I each have a personal sending allowances, which caps what we spend.

Pick an amount that fits your budget.

3. Get shopping

Once you’ve got some pictures to work from and a budget, it’s time to recreate the fashion of the stars at a discount.

How do you do that?

Break down your style into:

  • What do I own already
  • What do I need to buy

Let me use this picture as an example:

  1. own dozens of black shirts, so I don’t need to buy a black shirt
  2. I don’t wear hats so I wouldn’t need to buy that

To get close to looking like this guy in the picture I would need to buy a pair of white jeans and new boots. Off I go shopping.

4. Where to shop for men’s clothes on a budget

I’m going to include all of my favorite places to buy men’s clothes for cheap. The list is in no particular order.

TMD – The Men’s Department

Hand’s down TMD is where I buy most of my clothes.  It doesn’t hurt the store is on my farouies bar for easy access. TMD is great for:

Shopping on The Market Place

If you’re looking for a cool style, you must check out –


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