On a Budget Fashion # 03

As a fashion blogger, you may expect me to showcase new threads when I do outfit posts.  However, due to some recent cutbacks at work due to the slumping economy, my fashion budget was trimmed significantly. What’s a girl to do when she suddenly can’t shop as much anymore? Ask her husband!? maybe – but not this time.

Instead of whipping out my credit card and overspending, I decided to learn how to look the absolute best I could while spending the least amount possible.

simply don’t accept that a tiny budget is an excuse for not feeling good about yourself. Whether you have a million Lindon to shop with or 30, you can snag amazing deals that give you a great look.

So here I put myself to a Challenge,  Spent no more than 10 lindern on the Market Place,  and dug in too my inventory to find some extras to go with.


Market Place In-voice

Here are the images of the best outfits I came up with: (more pictures on Flicker)

Final Word

Your bank account balance shouldn’t ever make you feel bad about yourself. The truth is that some people have the money to spend on pricey designer goods, but the vast majority of us need to work with what we have. By scoring amazing retail deals and using a good foundation from your own closet, you don’t have to sacrifice great fashion because of a low budget. Get creative and you’ll be surprised at what you can pull off.

What’s your favorite way to save on fashionable clothes?


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