Relocating in SL

Moving house or land in SL is nothing compared to RL, but it’s still a task in its self, I’m not going to do a step by step guide on how to move or relocate in  SL, but I would like to share with you  a little of the process of how we choice land, set up our new house and  packed up the old, which pictures.

My husband  & I  have been searching high and low for the right house, to fit our land, budget & personality, we have had many houses, in the past, which look lovely, but after a couple of weeks we, grow tired of them, either they had a huge Land impact, or they were just too small, or the personality of the house wasn’t quite what we wanted in our SL. My husband & I came across a house recently which ticked a lot of boxes. But the current land/parcel we knew would be the wrong shape and too small so the next task would find suitable land, which would take the footprint of the house and gardens, room for a pony or two have the right amount of prims etc.

Lucky it didnt take us too long to find what we wanted, a corner plot with either sunrise sunset, Residential/commercial region, 1/4 of a sim. In fact, the second place we looked at was the one we picked. As we are with Zoho already its basically a straight forward upgrade, so we purchase the new land,  purchase and rezz the new house.

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The house called ‘Valpennac 1705’ is designed by – Silex (silex.zapedzki)  – a company called ‘Never Totally Dead’ …the house can be viewed at the store demo area and also purchased at the Marketplace 

We were both pleasantly surprised to find that with this house, the foundations, in fact, the rezing box, so you can easily tell what size the building will be before you have started to rezz it- very useful, and very neatly designed.

As it says on the tin…

The house is full mesh, so modifications are  limited
– the footprint is 38m x 34m
– 4 levels, 2 main floors, attic and  basement, 20 rooms in total
– ground floor with entrance hall, grand staircase, dining room, central drawing room, music room, study,
– 1st floor with master suite (anteroom, main bedroom, study/bathroom) and a hall leading to the guest bedroom and the 2nd-floor stair-case
– 2nd floor/attic with 4 bedrooms and attic
– basement with main hall (former kitchen) and 4 cellars


Now we have rezzed the house & set up the garden as near to what  we think we would like, it time to go to the old parcel/land and clear it, as time is money, and all that- the quicker we can clear the parcel & leave it neat and tidy  for zoha- the better.  My husband and I have a good rep with Zoho – for clearing up our land in good time, and leaving it with little or no terraforming to be done, which normally means our transfer of allowance/ their rates etc.. often gets completed quickly as Zoha don’t have to come tidy up after us.

So over the weekend we managed to get the remanded rental transfer over too our new rentals box, and we have both been in decorating and designing our new home.  Cas got his green fingers stuck right in with the garden. (see pictures)  leaving a little room for my hobby horses.



Update – April 2017 – My husband & I have decided to open up our house/parcel for public viewing- please see this post for more information. 



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