MadPea International Food Fair

MadPea International Food Fair -Landmark

Introducing the MadPea International Food Fair, a tasty festival chock full of shopping, art and live entertainment to benefit Feed a Smile. Our goal is building a kitchen for impoverished school children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya.

The MadPea International Food Fair will raise funds for the kitchen with the help of some of the grid’s top designers, who will sell exclusive food-themed items and gachas throughout the event with 50% of all earnings going toward Feed a Smile. Additionally, donations will be accepted throughout the fair.

The fair will be a full cultural feast; alongside the awesome shopping, live musicians and DJs will provide music at the festival’s Center Stage virtually round-the-clock. Additionally, Kultivate Magazine has curated an art exhibit to inspire and amaze.

We’ve already taken a bite out of our goal – the kitchen’s foundations are now being dug thanks to the money that’s been raised through fair even before we’ve opened the doors. This appetizer has only made us hungry for more. We can’t wait to welcome you to the fair where together we can make a big difference


Feeling a bit peckish i pulled up at the food fair …..mmm Hotdogs .. wondered around this huge two sim madpea creation – and followed my nose to the yummy smell of the food fair in the center of the town…. Here is a list of what i found

**Please note i  experienced horrible lag, and I’m running SL or a relative good PC, with a good internet connection***

In the center:-


Apple Fall Feed-A-Smile 2017- 300l

*Drot* Animated Holdable Pizza – 150 – EXCLUSIVE

#adored ( CATWA OR OMEGA)  – pizza tits tattoo {omega} – 198, #adored – taco belle tattoo – chest {omega} -198L, #adored – pizza love tattoo {omega} 198, #adored – frosting face makeup – midnight – 198, #adored – aria lips – bubblegum edition -198, #adored – aria lips – slurpee edition- 198, #adored – lemonade nails -198 ,#adored – just cherry tattoo – neck {catwa ONLY } -198, #adored – frosting face makeup – vanilla -198

{BE} Green tea set -150 , {BE} Red bean roll – 150

Refuge – Candy Floss Machine ((Scripted)) -300

oOo Studio: Cooking Amin with rolling pin prop – 250L –  EXCLUSIVE

[Merak] – Sweet Treats -150 – EXCLUSIVE

  • stopped for a tea break… mmmm more food  coming soon …..

BIGBULLY Soren Dining SET  Table &  6  Chairs in Black or Walnut

MINIMAL – Pizza Necklace -Gold, RoseGold, Silver- 100l

ninety – Love poster [ pack ] – Cake & cupcake wearables – 120l –  EXCLUSIVE

Junk Food – Sup Noodles Seafood, Sup Noodles Veggie

Cwtch. A Totally Welsh Lunch (Madpea Exclusive) 200l &  Free Cwtch. Welsh Recipe Tea towel

(*<*) 1313 Breakfast Buddies Gacha Game- 50l per play

(luc) Hors d’oeuvre, Fancy Cheese Platter  –  299l – EXCLUSIVE

DISORDERLY. / SUSHI TIME –  Gacha Game – 75l per play

The shops/stores around the outside, starting at the Fawns sign right to the gallery, prices you’ll have to go see for yourself, it is also likely that theses store have other items in including what I have mentioned .. 🙂

The cube Repepubic -CR Watermelon Arrangement  EXCLUSIVE

Black Bantam –  Gacha Game – schools in, summers out – lunch box

EVE – (fatpacks only ) Donuts & Dancing Sprinkles

[Cubic Cherry] – {Pizzaaa} carpets

iTi – Yummy Necklace

Lushish Poses – Coffee Moments

[high v.] Foodie Tees (tops)  Bacon, Beer & Beards – EXCLUSIVE

MeshIndia – MI Indian Food Gacha – – EXCLUSIVE

ENTICE – Original mesh (fitmesh)  Bacon dress with egg hat, Gumball dress, hamburger Dress for Maitreya, slink & Belleza  – EXCLUSIVE

[Fetch] Drippy Dress – White, Pink, Mint – EXCLUSIVE

RIOT / Umaru Skirt -Dumpling, Ginger, boards ,Salmon Hand Roll, Kakigori, Miso Soup, Onigiri, Roe Sushi,Sashimi, Shrimp Tempura , Soy Bean Edemame , Soy Sauce , Taiyaki, Takoyaki, Tuna Roll, Wasabi

CHEZ MOI – Farmers Market Cart Wood, White or Colors

[DD] Duvet Day –  Cup Cake Seats – EXCLUSIVE

BALACLAVA!! Market Stall w/ Banner & Sign

.random.Matter. – Granny Candy

[atooly.home] neon fry – EXCLUSIVE

[Mello] Pizza Party HAIR- Brownies

:CP: Modern Farmhouse Foodie Table – EXCLUSIVE


– Then you have the stage area –

I would recommend having a go at the boards ,i wish i had seen this earier tobh before i had been on a shiopping spree – but never mind hey. there was still 30 hours on the clock- so i had time to come back and vist this area when i had more lindern on my account.

  • You got Win a Deco(c) rate of your choice – entry fee 50L
  • Win a gift card (value 500l)  from Nomad –  entry fee 25L
  • Win a New mystery case in the new puzle game by mad pea -Standalone
  • Straydog – skin pack of your choice
  • win bishbox of your choice
  • Win store credit value 3750l by Come soon poses

I only entered the Win a Deco(c) rate & Nomad gift card as not intrested in the others personaly.

Back too more shopping stores:

{RW} Dark Chocolate Fondue Lovers Set – EXCLUSIVE

Phedora / Kelly rollers

MadPea Good Ol’ Fashioned Baker’s Bliss Gacha (c) 2017

plus Fawns, come soon, straydog on the other side.

Then theres a selection of stands around the food fair exit/ entrance gate – Firestorm, LD & PatPaimi Markets, Ultra events, Nestates, Essental Inventory, the epiphany etc

Snapshot_002.pngBack too the stoes in the second half :

NOMAD // Sandwich Vendor – EXCLUSIVE

-NOeditiON- Nursery Room (Gacha)   – EXCLUSIVE **

{ Speakeasy } Sugar Rush Tattoo

Razor/// Sweets Panty GACHA – EXCLUSIVE

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Tea Party Colorful – Gacha

Serenity Style- Let’s Bake- GACHA

[Ginger Line] Farmers’ snack set

.Identity. Body Shop – Sweety Pie

[Kres] Kitchen Creed Frames – (Gacha)    – EXCLUSIVE

::SenseS:: Couple Pose 39

*MadPea Heart Cookie Pack

:[P]:- Sugar High Gatcha {Madpea}

Little Llama – Grilled Cheese Pillow

Fiasco – Shabby Kitchen Island

.::Supernatural::. Trixie Necklace Silver

GOOSE – Burger Box ADULT

[La Baguette] Nomzy Gacha

Vengeful Threads – Bento Rigged – Cherry Lip ring  – EXCLUSIVE


– The End –

p.s. i feel sick now …


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