Sharpen up your Shape #10

 Sharpen up your Shape #10

Gym Kit:

Picture taken at: ALPHA Gym

Be-Head & Shoulders above the Rest

Your head is the base measurement for your overall proportions. The minimum head size for women should be 50 and for men 60. Your total height should be 7.5 heads tall, and if you’re very tall, no higher than 8.

It is impossible to maintain realistic proportions with a giant height. Using an accurate height detector and scaling down will make you look more human. SL and RL scale are exactly the same, there is no “SL size”.

From the top of your head to the bottom of your crotch, and from there to your feet should be about equal, most avatars have legs that are far too long.

With your hands to your sides, the base of your thumb should be at least level with the bottom of your crotch. Seriously, check your arms, most have arms that are far too short!

Your shoulders should be about two head lengths wide (up to 2.5 for men), and hips not much wider than shoulders. Men, your torso shouldn’t be an upside down triangle. Women, when your hands are down to your side, they shouldn’t go into your hips.

Use the following  picture from Strawberry Singh as a guide , see below:


Ed Sheeran – Shape of You


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