Parcel-March-Fast #13

Thought I better up do a quick update- I have a touch of a sinus cold, so the posting has been slow this week, spent  most of the yesterday afternoon in bed watching tv & snoozing, today  has been a little better, I’ve been stocking up my  body with  Orange juice & lots of water too. I managed to open the cutie loot box this morning, so be sure to check out the unboxing here, after all, the misleading and misunderstandings- I was very pleased with what I  received after all. 🙂

The Skin fair opens up tonight/ tomorrow morning so that exciting, and i hope to be able to do some more picture,  deco(c)rate , cutie loot outfits, blueberry, and more, but one step at a time – I’m going to  grab an early-ish night now, as I  feel the sinus pressure building as in my face as it gets tired.

I wish you all good health – stay fluffy. 🙂


My deco crate has arrived and after my disappointment with not receiving the cute box this morning, due to it being revealed till noon and not just after midnight. the deco box is s welcomed with a smile. something to open and enjoy. Look here for the unboxing or the March Deco(c)rate 2017 & here for my review on the cute box. 

I did manage to sneak into Blueberry  1st thing and pick up the jean fat pack * new release *  found that  no need to unpack, which  was nice – but this did mean that a lot of people were trying on and off in the store- which is probably why people were having trouble with the sim  being full, people should be more consider and leave the store after they have brought the pack, and not stand around for half an hour flicking through the huds etc.

Here are some quick no edited shots of the new jeans

check out the what you get in the box on the blueberry page – coming soon & later on I will do some more fancy pictures for flicker etc of blueberry outfits and the deco box etc.

Because of fluff…


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