Cutie Loot- Unboxed March

New Box –

Cutie Loot pre-orders for April have officially opened and will be running until April 7th. The final Loot will be sent out on April 8th at NOON SLT!

You can also purchase Cutie Loot, or gift it to a friend, via Marketplace:





Cutie Loot Can be pre-ordered in-game & on the market place direct or as the gift like I received.

Pre-order your Cutie Loot now!
In-world: The Royals (110,128,2090)

If you receive it in gift form like it did, You will receive  A *Cutie card* Cutie Card functions as a token HUD. This HUD will NOT work until the 8th of the month. Once Cutie Loot is officially released on the 8th, you will be able to click the Cutie Card to receive your official Cutie Loot HUD.

Basically, you rez the white cube box and touch it – then this text will display in local chat:

13:02] Cutie Card – March 2017: Hud is now locked for 30 seconds, please wait.
[13:02] Cutie Card – March 2017: ###If items have not been delivered due to high server traffic, try again after hud is unlocked. Backup server will be contacted after 12 attempts, so keep trying or wait for a less busy time.###
[13:02] Cutie Card – March 2017: Attempt #1 (it will keep trying till its unlocked)
[13:02] Cutie Card – March 2017: Hud is now unlocked.

OKs it’s 11 pm slt on the 7th of march – and I just logged in – looking forward to receiving the cute loot box in the morning of the 8th but after a quick check in the group and on their website it informed me that it’s not released till noon. so sadly if the website is correct I have to wait for another 12 odd hours, which is annoying,  on the hope that it might be a typo – I attach the hud, which doesn’t say anything about the time of day it’s released, please see the picture of hud below.


Yep, this is misleading – but it 12:04 am and the card doesn’t work.

Well, stay tuned …… because of fluff.

1:32 am slt / 10:32 am CET on the 9th of March – I  finally receive my long awaited Cutie loot. I, in fact, got in contact with the support group yesterday on the website and asked them why they decided to release to loot box at 12-noon slot- and the answer was that the owner was European and that it was the luckiest time that the owner would be online. I still thought  this is was odd, and even less of a reason, to releases the box at  12noon, as in European 12noon set is 9 pm  CET our European time, I’ve come to the understanding that tho only reason  for this is that the owner is working away from  SL at the time after 9 am CET.  Fair play.

So unless you are European up late you have to wait 2 days after the cut off day to receives your loot.

Anyway, let’s get on with unpacking this cute loot box.



Evermore. Cutie Loot MARCH

  • Evermore. Crybaby Eyes (Rez)
  • Evermore. GummiBear Headphones (Rez)

{vincue} Boofy+Top [CutieLoot]

  • {vincue} Boofy+Top – HUD
  • {vincue} Boofy+Top [Hourglass]
  • {vincue} Boofy+Top [Maitreya]
Boofy Top Hud


+Half-Deer+ Cutie Loot – March 2017

  • +Half-Deer+ Snoozypuff Bunny (tex. change)
  • +Half-Deer+ Porcelain Unicorn Figurine (White Base)
  • +Half-Deer+ Porcelain Unicorn Figurine (White Base)-no material
  • +Half-Deer+ Porcelain Unicorn Figurine (Pink Base)-no material
  • +Half-Deer+ Porcelain Unicorn Figurine (Pink Base)

[Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? Plushie FatPack (Boxed)

  • [Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? – Pink {REZ}
  • [Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? – Pink {ADD ME}
  • [Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? – Orange {REZ}
  • [Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? – Orange {ADD ME}
  • [Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? – Light {REZ}
  • [Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? – Light {ADD ME}
  • [Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? – Gray {REZ}
  • [Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? – Gray {ADD ME}
  • [Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? – Blue {REZ}
  • [Cosmic Dust] – What Does the Fox Say? – Blue {ADD ME}

ALTAIR* ranka skirt -Cutie Loot- (attach me~)

  • ALTAIR* ranka skirt HUD
  • ALTAIR* ranka skirt -Maitreya-

.tsg. StrawBeary Headband *FATPACK*

  • .tsg. StrawBeary Headband – White
  • .tsg. StrawBeary Headband – Pink
  • .tsg. StrawBeary Headband – Cream
  • .tsg. StrawBeary Headband – Brown

.Olive. the Cutie Hair – FATPACK [Wear]


{S0NG}:: Ren Eyes (Catwa Applier & Regular Mesh Eyes)

8ddc223699fe6fc8b33177625af6716a (1)


  • [BREATHE]-AnkleLock HUD
  • [BREATHE]-Amanda Heels-Belleza
  • [BREATHE]-Amanda Heels-M.Lara
  • [BREATHE]-Amanda Heels-Slink
  • Maitreya High
  • Slink High

Astralia – Meow stockings with HUD (Maitreya High)

  • Astralia – Meow stockings colour HUD
  • Astralia – Meow stockings

Caboodle – Nova Outfit

  • Caboodle – Nova Sweater – Physique
  • Caboodle – Nova Outfit HUD
  • Caboodle – Nova Skirt – Hourglass
  • Caboodle – Nova Skirt – Maitreya
  • Caboodle – Nova Skirt – Physique
  • Caboodle – Nova Sweater – Hourglass
  • Caboodle – Nova Sweater – Maitreya
  • Caboodle – Nova Underwear – Hourglass
  • Caboodle – Nova Underwear – Maitreya
  • Caboodle – Nova Underwear – Physique

[LCKY] Lissa // Fatpack

  • [LCKY] HUD (S) // Lissa – Acid
  • [LCKY] HUD (S) // Lissa – Dark Ombre
  • [LCKY] HUD (S) // Lissa – Earth
  • [LCKY] HUD (S) // Lissa – Neutral
  • [LCKY] HUD (S) // Lissa – Neutral II
  • [LCKY] HUD (S) // Lissa – Pastels
  • [LCKY] HUD (S) // Lissa – Rose
  • [LCKY] Lissa

That complete the unpacking/unboxing of the Cutie loot.

My rating for the content of the box is 5/5, it’s defiantly more a clothing box, yet the cute decor items from dust bunny are a sweet treat.

Unpacking was quick and easy – tho the packaging was misleading, as didn’t know whether to  rez the hud or wear it to start with and tho it said to click here on the 8th on one part and then on another part it said after the 8th – yet on the website it says after 12noon on the 8th.

Now that I realize I’m prob not going to get this box till 12 hours after its release I prob won’t  blog it again, as it’s too much of a delay in time zone etc, tho I would purchase it again for the contents.

Love to hear your comments on what your through of this box.


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