Going Green & Luck Of The Irish Gacha #17

St paddy’s day – I’m not IIrish, so don’t really  celebrate st paddy’s day, but it seems to be one of the American celebrated days, though i don’t know many American Irish people, I can’t understand why the st Patrick’s day is so celebrated yet, days like st  G day isn’t even celebrated much in its own country.

Anyway, while everyone was hunting around for their bit of green, I thought I would jump in and turn everything else green instead.

Style card of a green outfit (not ness just st paddy’s day) at the bottom.

Taken at the Inspiration SL Event



All the fun of St. Patrick’s Day at the Luck Of The Irish Gacha, with none of the pinching!  Hosted by Depraved Nation, Luck of The Irish is an annual Gacha fair, features some of your favorite designers presenting at least 1 new and exclusive gacha machine with contents you can not find anywhere else on the grid! What are you waiting for, jig on over to the Luck Of The Irish Gacha to play over 100 gachas and win some amazing items.  This pot of rainbow gold won’t last forever, get there before April 3rd!



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