NEW* Blackthorn Stables Horse Park #21

“Blackthorn Stables Horse Park, set in scenic Clarington Park, our facilities boast a sleepy Neighborhood for horses to reside in, as well as a Cross Country course and Riding Trails are woven throughout the adjoining Nature Preserve.” taken from their description.

This really is a little gem of a place, and I can see it becoming popular very quickly, its a non-RP,  residential sim which is open to the public to ride ( with riding system rez’er) and explore here, including the cross country & Riding Trails. There are strict rules to follow, which helps keep this places a family friendly place to be.  Tho there is a couple of rental spots open at the moment from  150 lindens for 100 prims, but there soon well be a waiting list for parcels here. It just has that super cosy feel, that horses/ animal friendly  people what to be a part of.  I believe in time they may expand to include other facilities and horse friendly events.


Below I have captured some pictures of my Horse Destiny & I exploring Blackthorn Stables Horse Park & the surrounding Clarington Park including the Cross Country course and Riding Trails. Style card at the bottom of that  page.



Rider-Name: Scarlett

  • TRUTH HAIR Gaea – January Group Gift.
  • *COCO*_EquestrianJacket(Black)+Blouse_S
  • *COCO*_RidingBoots(Black)+Pants_S

Using – Teagle Horse Rider system

Horse – Name: Destiny Awaits – 

 Teegle  Bento Horse Avatar – Breeder’s Choice Avatars

  • HAIR: Teegle Horse Tail & VALIANT – TH Bobbed Mane [head & Neck]
  • SKIN: [Teegle] “Jasmine” Dapple Buckskin Skin for Teegle Horse
  • TH Black English Bridle, Black Martingale,  Black English Saddle
  • ~::AppyBottoms::~ Teegle Sadlepad- PurpPlad,
  • TH Ortho Boots Back/purple
  • VALIANT – TH Rigged Horseshoes (gold) (not shown)



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