-I love SHOES- Shoe Haul from Shoetopia




Addams – Benicio Shoes

I have to start with the Adams Shoes released at Shoetopia. I spent ages changing the shoe base color, then customization the finer details the diamonds, the laces, the little metal parts on the laces, and the chain and even the pearl colors. such a pretty summer shoe. – I didn’t purchase these at the time but was very tempted.  theses are my most likely go back a purchase. 🙂



1.[BREATHE]-Kyle Boots  from Shoetopia


  • FATPACK -1500
  • Singles – 250 each


Kendra Heels & Kyle Boots

I do love Breathe as a creator there’s qty and texturing are always so detailed, outstanding work, I love the soft colors in this pack and the fact that you can mix and match as it takes your fancy…

I purchased the Kendra Heels as shown in the picture these work great with my tatoo from ultra. 


[sYs] SHIBARI heels (Maitreya high feet) also from Shoetopia



I couldn’t work out at 1st how to use the hud- but thankfully after asking around- someone told me you could click the individual parts on each color to get the mixed color effect, so you are really getting  4 different colored shoes. 🙂

I purchased the single blue version as I had a dress from sys that I  picked up from shabby that i thought would go well with.





_CD_ Jasmine Pattern III Boots – Maitreya Lara


If i had the linden i would have bought the fat pack – but sadly not, I have so often made a mistake on what texture pattern to purchase in the past, but this time I think I made the right choice. I teamed these up with the re-release Sophia Dress – Maitreya dress from blueberry for a sexy look.


more coming soon ..



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