Country Dreams #22



  • Top:  Addams // Ronson Shirt (for Skirts) // Maitreya
  • Pants: Blueberry – Grace Pants – With Boots – Maitreya
  • Body Basic’s can be found here : About


Furniture & Decor:

  • Sofa/couch: Salacity – Salacity – Frat House Couch (PG) (NEW)
    • On couch – (Tinker) Pwnie Floppy ~silentsparrow~ RARE
    • Saddle 1.0 – from Makersmart
  •  8f8 – primavera in Toscana Dining Table (made shorter)
    • On the table – (fd) Fashion Magazines & Hoofprint Magazine,
    • Horse Show Shampoo Green
    • Vanity Fair BoB 3rd Place Ribbon (Yellow)
  • Selection of hay rolls, bales etc  found on the markeplace
  • Art Deco Horse &  Poster A
  • Botanical – Heavy Loose Hay Groundcover
  • ~ The Country Barn ~ The Domineaux Effect



*New* The Salacity Frat House Couch has a wide variety of poses/animations for single & couples and a set of colours/textures for each pillow as well as both blankets.









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