Friendship by the Sea #23

Maison de L’amitie, House of Friendship I belive it means.

To me though its not about human friendship, its about a friendship  more a relationship with  the coast, the sea, sounds of the waves, the sea birds, and the sand that gets everywhere even in places it really shouldnt.

**What a lovely day I thought, to take a trip too the Coast, but as you can see I just couldn’t resistent a spot of shopping. I also found time to pop in to the Motel and had a friendly little chat with reception.**


Picture taken @ Maison de L’amitie,

My Outfit:

  • Hair: TRUTH HAIR Cinnamon [Parted]
  • Fur Stole – Foxes – Feeling Myself – Fur Stole – Brown – with gold
  • Dress/Top: neve Dress – surrender bloom – Lara
  • Pants: Blueberry – Cake Leggings – Under Boots – Forest Green
  • Boots: Blueberry – Celia Boots – High Heel – Brown




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