Some of my Favourite Photo Places

Rustic Retreat




-Baja Norte-

Experience the beauty of Northern Baja California
Maoli Waves, Surfboards
Romantic beach, public Beach, white sand Beaches, Dunes, Surf, Surfing, music, hangout, lighthouse, popular, nature photography, photos, romance, ocean waves, and goats.

*Please note — RENTALS ARE PRIVATE —
People must NOT enter ANY of the rentals,, they are easy to identify, they will have a rental meter on one of the sides or back.





Pandora Resort,

Immersive experience, mountain, resort, forest, scenery, photo, picture, wedding, reception, parties, music, ambience, autumn, snow, spring, lodge, cabin, rental, shop, cafe, bakery, animal, park, love, friend, relax, peace, weddings

Majestic Garden by the Bay

Inspired by Singapore’s Majestic Garden by the Bay, this amazing build is a stunning array of eclectic art, superb botanical gardens and a magnificent display of the famous Super Trees. This must see LEA build by Nibby Riddler is available for a limited time

Gay Rural Hangout by The Smith Boys – Land of Rainbows – Welcome to the Land of Rainbows Gay Hang Out! Land at the Visitor Center and take a tour through forest and country lands to enjoy our nature and wildlife! Adult Poses – Free Gifts – LGBT -Forest Info- Rural Sim in  Spring Season. Be Nice or be Gone! – yes it’s a gay sim, so if you not comfy with seeing this kind of thing, then don’t go there, it one of the prettiest places in SL


The Outer Garden – The Outer Garden is a white world.
It is most suitable for a walk and photography while conversing with a friend or lover.No nudity, no sex and no afk.
If you break the rules, I’ll ban or eject you back to your home without warning.
created by Bisou


Gates of Melancholy -This sim is based on and inspired from the life and work of the famous American painter Andrew Wyeth. It is created to emulate and elicit the feel in the watercolor paintings done by Andrew Wyeth.  Some lovely rustic farm-style buildings here, with lovley wide open yellow fields.


Rothiemurchus Forest – Dark Forest Medieval Fantasy Freeform Roleplay Cemetery Ruins Druid Sanctuary met by wolves and bats, dare to jump down the hidden crypt Elves Drow Pagan Bard Celtic Human Fae Experience Unity Maxim Meter Tunnels Witches Spirits – A sim full of castles


Elysium City of Templemore – Stone sculptures and iron wrought gates beckon you into the embrace of Elysium of Templemore. A place where every detail, each book, every bauble, each corner of the many buildings here tell a story. The greatest of SL music awaits you.


Scribbled Hearts – Home of tarte. and Plethora, Scribbled Hearts is the perfect place to visit. Grab a friend, a book, or a spot near the water and cozy up to the beautiful landscape and scenery. Whether you’re looking to shop, take pictures, or just explore, Scribbled Hearts has it all! Sweet little spot – reminds me of a summers day


Skye Neist Point is a landscape for dreamers and photographers to hang out and take in breathtaking scenery – a massive cliff tower topped by the Basilisk Castle, lush ravines, forests and dune-scapes. Follow cliff and forest paths or dally on one of the interactive scenes.


‘alpha.tribe – Explore Alpha Tribe, which revolves around the theme of “fool’s gold.” Several discoveries await, including a golden ship, clockwork creatures and more.


Created: 1st April 2017


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