MadPea’s Mad Easter Egg Hunt

Time started: 7:30am

Follow me as i venture out into the Mad world of MadPea’s Easter egg Hunt.


To join/start we need purchase the hud which costs 100L, I just hope it’s worth it don’t want to even think about the Xmas advent calendar incident.




With the radar attached – I was still a bit confused in what it all ment.. so had to look at the website – this is the egg collection guide –


[07:06] MadPea Mad Easter Egg Hunt HUD: It looks like there may be an egg here that you haven’t found yet: Farmers Market (212,48,22) [Moderate]

Would be really cool if I  could work out how to read this radar thing. also i now what I’m looking for, but i don’t have a clue where to look for them, or how well they are hidden…

Right, I worked it out- its pretty cool you’re the center area, and the rader will flash the eggs location ranging near you, following this I managed to find my 1st egg – whey 🙂


Im not going to share the locations of the eggs only my 1st, one (as above)

If you  follow the lm on the hud- (the pick egg under collective points) its quite easy really.


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