Epiphany & My Shopping Haul

Have you had a Epiphany yet!?

I’m not a great fan of this kind of Gacha events, I used to be, I even was a chat mod for the arcade a couple times around Christmas.

But with Epiphany, I don’t like the idea that they encourage some people to spend more linden then they have too.

for example: Say if you what the A whole set – 31 commons, 9 rares at 50L per play. Play at least 40 times which is 2000L. Then if someone wanted to complete the set with the 8 exclusive items for that set – (bare in mind that 1 point for every common  & 3 points for every rare when traded in)  They would need 25 points for each exclusive. So if there playing the vendor again for 10 times for 25 points x 50L min that’s another 500L spent – yes some might say that’s quite good value at 500L, for an exclusive but that’s your own opinion & mine is that there not.

If someone plays for the whole set – why shouldn’t they be encouraged to spend even more lindern to complete that set.  It’s often that the person has paid much more than just 2000L – I just think it’s borderline greed.

You could get a Luxe Box for 1500L which includes fat packs which are semi-exclusive.

Hence why if I want a whole set – I buy it on the MP – which is what I did with the blueberry set. then if I fancy the exclusive I will go around and play some of the other vendors I’m interested in and then any doubles or items I don’t want I will trade in as I did this time.  And of course, if you don’t spend the points max of 100 points can be rolled over to the next event.

Here is my Epiphany – Shopping Haul, follow the links for styles

  • JIAN Splendid Spaniels E*BOX 3. Puppy Gate RARE
    8. Tri-Color Wanderer, 9. Black & Tan Wanderer, 11.Ruby Wanderer,18. Upside Down Sleeper, 19. Floor Snoozer.   See my post about these beauties here.
  • _CandyDoll_Nicki Collection Fallen Jumper Maitreya RARE
  • .random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Mannequin [G] – RARE
  • /Wasabi Pills/ Blossom Mesh Hair – Style 2 – Lunar Ombre RARE #34 Chirpy Chirpy Bird
  •  +elua+ Filia_Brown Hair pack 4.
  • {MB} Hungry Hamster Raspberry [05]
  • -NOeditiON- Heeled Trainers (Maitreya) DeepPink COMMON
  • Kaithleen’s Hope Black Epiphany
  • Addams // Abbe Angel Body // Maitreya – N*28 #34 Chirpy Chirpy Bird





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