#36 I wanna feel – Purple, Yellow, Red & Blue

REIGN. Noodles, little bones, [BREATHE], Blueberry, Addams, Doe, Cookie, N-core

Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red & Blue



Hair: little bones. Hair Nova (M) (blonde)

REIGN.– Glitter Posh Phone- #18 (Black)

Noodles – Daisy Choker (Black)

[BREATHE]-Amanda Heels-M.Lara (Yellow)

Blueberry – Grace Pants – No Boots – Maitreya (Red with Black Belt )

Addams // Meryl Top // Maitreya (Yellow)



Purple & Gold

Hair: Doe: Heartbeat V2 [fitted] – Blondes

Noodles – Daisy Choker (Black)

Blueberry – Cocodoll Set – #25 Bracelets – Maitreya

Blueberry Cookie Outfit

Cookie – Lingerie Set – Bra – Maitreya (purple)

Cookie – Lingerie Set – Skirt – Maitreya (purple)

Cookie – Lingerie – Solid Panties (FP) – Maitreya (Black& Gold)

N-core AISHA *KNEE BOOTS* (Lilac) for Maitreya Lara



Hair: Doe: Puff (solid) – Pastels

Noodles – Daisy Choker (Red)

.:villena:. – Laced Up Skirt – Indigo

.:villena:. – (Maitreya) V top – Indigo

Shoes: [BREATHE]-Amanda Heels-M.Lara (Red)



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