The Secret Hideout – MAY

The Secret Hideout – MAY 2017

The Secret Hideout is a new and magical event dedicated to Fantasy Lolita styles. The event will feature new items made specifically for the event ranging from Lolita apparel all the way to decor, poses, and maybe a few unicorns! Join us and some of the most wonderful designers on the grid for a magical experience!

The event will open on May 1st of 2017 and goes until May 21st.


There’s so much here, I’m  just going to pick out some of my fave things – if you haven’t visited this sim full of shopping goodies I can highly recommend it.



1st Item is the very cute, but equally sexy bodysuit (Moon Elixir – Duchess – Bodysuit)  there 350L each or 1k L for the fatpack – for Maitreya & Freya bodys.



Next up, that court my eye was the hair from::: tempedPhoenix – though tempted I  was to purchase the mixed pack which is 370L  – I thought I  would look around the rest of the fair 1st and just picked up the  Vanessa Demo for now,


Candy Crunchers – Momo Gacha Machine9b8eec51fc5e6246747783ea66933837.png

I couldn’t help myself…..
I had to have a 50L play at the Candy Crunchers – Momo Gacha Machine – I got the balloon one.



Here’s one I did purchase – <K&S> ~Kota~ poses 1



Here’s a creator I was pleasantly surprised to see, and haven’t seen for a little while, to be honest.  I used to collect the ponies from ~silentsparrow~ So when I saw she had an exclusive gacha – i could resist a play for 50L – I got Dove : ( see her i furture posts), I also really liked the  Cake Cutie Tattoo – but disappoint (maybe a bit lazy)   not to see Mariya applies, so I didn’t purchase- i might come back to this one if I have any  linden left . ( (Snuffles might fly)



Gross- Cuddle Poo at 75L per play –

(lol I think not.)




LAZYBONES – Jenna Attire – <From left to right – Mint, Pink, Beige, White, Grey & Black.

Didn’t see a sign to tell anyone what mesh shapes they came in, so took a peek at the Demo to tell.  I cute little one part that looks like a two- for 249L each


***Ambrosia***Ruffled Bustier Dress ~Maitreya_Fitted* 290L

Love the design- not sure if its quite me, so picked up a demo.


Purchased a NS::  Sleepy Unicorn – for 100L – Why? – No idea.



Right I’ve been all around the outside now- and I’ve nearly  spent my limit already :S

{le fil casse} Kumiko Dress for 250L – I was stuck on what color to get – but I  ended with Pink


[P] Pillows, Springful Sheer (Bed)  – PG: 400L – A: 500 (might be one o come back for another time)


– CandyDoll & Breath –

Had to blinker myself to go  past CD & Breath .

And last but not least  – I couldn’t go buy without picking this one up –

@275L Evermore. Animated Neko Tail B+W


That completes my shopping trip to the ~The Secret Hideout ~ I hope you enjoy it too.



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