#39 The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room – OPEN NOW


⋙ The Dressing Room is open for its new Round!

Please stop by and check out what the 25 designers have prepared for you this week!

We hope you enjoy the products!

Singles prices between 40-70L – fat packs around 150L


The Dressing Room TAXI HERE 

Featuring the Cynful-  Tangled Dress  & REIGN.- TUSCOLA WEDGES

4f26e5f12a096cc8aa700db8a5f86d23.jpg DRessingTwo toned Dressing room

♡ Lamb. HAIR Widowspeak ♡

♡ CATWA HEAD Kathy v2.14 with {S0NG} :: Ren~ Frost Eye [L] &  [R]  Ren~ Honey Eye ♡

♡ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 ♡

♡[Cynful] Tangled Dress – Maitreya ♡♡ & REIGN.- TUSCOLA WEDGES – Maitreya  High♡

Location: Begemot Taven

Updated May 8th


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