6 Republic Event // May 6th – 20th

WeDecorateSL(WithPassion) presents:

6º Republic 

Date: May 6 – May 20, 2017

The Theme is European Travel

I had 24-hour early access but then couldn’t go due to RL .. a bit of a shame but nvm, I have since been able to pop over here is the picture collection followed by some of the purchased items & some I like but haven’t purchased etc.

-DRD- Belgian Food Truck – Frituur Wagen Set – Price 1800L 


The DRD Belgian Food Truck has rolled into Second Life! Follow your nose to this round of 6 Republic and grab some delicious fries, Belgian Style, just like DRD!

-Kalback- Brings chairs from Amalfi Italia

KraftWork Heathrow, 1970 PG – FULL SET – Price 999L

It’s an Aeroplane skybox/photo prop – no idea why its called Heathrow – as Heathrow is an airport in London and not an airplane- but still, it’s pretty and well made, it’s a future purchase.  



CONVAIR – Cafe Schwartz – Price: 1500L /LandImpact:203

The words on the box read: In the spirit of the Vienna coffee culture, the cafe Schwartz is a coffee house with its wood paneling. large windows and awning for street front dinning. The build would be good for small commercial, urban context or roleplay, or even a small residence.

3/4 of the downstairs usable in well-decorated mesh- no upstairs – seems a bit odd that there is a little corner missing downstairs, that is not useable in this building. Only one door/entrance 

Personally, this is too expensive and too highly in LI for a one room building. 


:: No.13 ::

::Square wood chair




C L A Vv. Light Canopy FATPACK – Price 300L /100L each 

10LI / with Light script/mod. copy –

4 colours- Brown, Dark Brown, White & Broken White

Purchased – Dark Brown


–ANHELO-M30SR-174GA : Fat pack – 2000L

sidecar motorcycle


RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Kyiv Art Center Collection – 75L per play


  • RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Art Blue Lips RARE
  • RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Circles Studio
  • RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Cube Photostudio
  • RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Geometric Studio
  • RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Illumination Studio RARE
  • RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Pineapple Wall RARE
  • RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Pink Palms
  • RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Stone Slices
  • RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Take Aim People
  • RAMA – #selfie_RAMA YES YOU

Ex Machina

Amsterdam Modular Buildings: Price:2450L  & Amsterdam Modular Canals : Price: 1250L  – 26-44LI each building 



Remnants Skybox- Price: 450L – Land impact  25 




!gO! from Krakow – Gacha- 75L per play


  • !gO! from Krakow – Wooden Lajkonik (5)
  • !gO! from Krakow – Wall decor folk costumes (4)
  • !gO! from Krakow – Polish sour soup (8)
  • !gO! from Krakow – Polish dumplings (9)
  • !gO! from Krakow – Pictures folk motive (3)
  • !gO! From Krakow – Folk kitchen cupboard RARE (1)
  • !gO! from Krakow – Folk hope chest RARE (2)
  • !gO! from Krakow – Cookbook (10)
  • !gO! from Krakow – Clay pots (11)
  • !gO! from Krakow – Books (7)
  • !gO! from Krakow – Bag, and bagel (12)
  • !gO! from Krakow – Pillows (6)



CMYK// Santorini Rug (Sky)  Price: 100L

CMYK// Santorini Rug (Greek) Price: 100L

CMYK// Santorini Rug (White) Price: 100L

CMYK// Santorini Frame Price: 100L

CMYK// Santorini Lamp Price: 100L


FAKEICON / csepel booze station gacha  – 50L per play




The Little Den in Genoa gatcha – 50L per play





Stockholm trip gacha – 50L per play



BJK * Porto Gacha  – 50L per play


SAYO – Lost in Prague Set – Mucca Daybed – PG – 725L / A- 950L


22769 – Kaispeicher





Berlin-chandelier BLACK, PINK, YELLOW, WHITE


Berlin-book table




– SWISS CAFE 1.2 – 799L



MadPea MyHelsinki Gacha [PG]  or Adult – 75L



Serenity Style- La Verbena de La Paloma GACHA – 70L





summer chair sand

. summer chair white




Tableau Vivant \\ WE in London gacha -50L

( You can tell this wasn’t created by anEnglishh person)  breakfast- wrong X 

Dutch Spring PG – 950L or Adult 1250L

Dutch Spring Walls -399L










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