#42 Luxe Box May 2017

Oks my long awaited , but then i forgot about it.. has arrived, and I also here there’s a little party at 2 pm Monday to celebrate the anniversary of Luxe Box. 🙂  shame its so late for us euro’s  :S  but I’m going to see if I can pop in quickly before bed – just to see what its like.


Monday 15th May 2-4pm slt

May sees the first anniversary of Luxe Box and we want to celebrate with you!
We are planning a Gold and White Anniversary Party with Luxe Boxes to give away!

Come along and wear anything Gold and/or White from any previous Luxe Box to be in with a chance of winning a June Luxe Box!

Happy Anniversary Luxe Box!!!


Unboxing time …..


❏   Blueberry – Luxe Box May 2017 – Bikini ❏

❏’ISON x Luxebox / May 2017❏

❏ Lamb. Boyfriend – Fatpack Luxebox / May 2017 ❏

❏paper.arrow.co LuxeBox May ’17 [bag]❏

❏  ‘Scarlet Creative Sunday Table and 5 Summer Chairs❏

❏  tarte. old window bed (luxe box) ❏

❏ ‘Tee*fy Luxe Box May 2017 ❏

❏ Moon. Hair // – BUY ALL – Melpomene’ ❏

❏ JIAN Jack Russel Terrier BOX ❏

❏ Foxes – Luxebox May 2017 ❏

❏ Stories&Co. by Flowey for Luxe Box May’17 ❏

❏ #EMPIRE – Chrysanthemum ❏


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