Oodles And Caboodles of Details #45

From Cutie Loot Box May 2017 –  Kyoko Decora Skirt and Mask

“Thanks for checking out Caboodle. We make men’s and women’s clothing, and some accessories for both. Make sure to grab the Kyoko Shirt as a group gift at Caboodle! It includes a HUD that matches the Kyoko Decora Skirt and Mask!!”

Upon opening up my cutie loot box the first pack I open is the one from Caboodle & in the Caboodle packet /case also received a notecard telling me about the group gift (see above)   Find it here Caboodle – cost to join group 25L$. (Almost free)

So I hop over to the store to get the matching – Kyoko Shirt, I couldn’t help it I  had to fluff around a little and picked up some other cute things too while I was there.  Then jumped back home to unpack … I have, to be honest with you here, I  don’t think I’ve worn much  Caboodle items, tho I  recognize the box/ logo, so maybe. but I was pleasantly surprised of the neatness of the hud, and how clear the texture choice was/are.. super cute too.

Items were clearly marked which was the Hud & Skirt fitting for my body etc  – I love being able to just wear items without to much hassle. When I slipped on the skirt the fit was good, the 1st try I even had shorts on under, and they didn’t glitch thought the skirt at all, so you could easily wear leggings under this skirt if you wanted too or, detailed mesh panties.   I was also pleasantly surprised of the neatness of the hud, and how clear the texture choice was/are.. so nice.  I also like the little  * Decora addon* thought I wasn’t sure what it was to start with (Skirt deco)  their super funky.. and makes this two piece (skirt & top)  different from any other I have in my inventory already.

OMG ! there is more… the skirt is in two parts .. you have a lower (under)  skirt colour/texture & an upper (top) skirt -so many different combinations .. super fluff.

In the background – are also couple of gifts from famished (Fancy Decor: Pine Bench, Heart – Potted Plants – White Daisies  & Mudhoney Layla Lattice Art) 

 “Oodles And Caboodles of  Details”

Adding the top was as easy too. though I would have liked to see the top in the loot box as an exclusive texture or something having it in the store as a group gift was an excellent idea, cause it made me visit the store and see what other wonderful things are made. Sneaky.. but as the group gift was very easy to find/ collect .. & they have some beautiful products in a well played out store. I’ll let them off, just thise once 😉

I had a little hic up with the mask & not being able to make the mask smaller, so  I sent a notecard/ picture too Erovi the creator – and in no time at all, I got a reply. 🙂

c5bf0439f4eaebeacc8cba6d99fabd09 (1).png

The lovely Erovi – sent me a new Mask which is Mod, so now I can make it smaller to fit my tiny face. 🙂  Now that’s great customers service to. (5 Stars)

I’ll pop some more pictures in here shortly, but I  must get this loot box finished before the next one comes around.. hehe  check ou the full listings of the may Cutie Loot here

Last Updated: 22.05.2017


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