#46 Cherry Blossom


Cherry Blossom

Lana Del Rey – Cherry Blossom

Sponsored by *PETIT CHAT* , V-side Radio & Smith’s Projects

This post includes details on Clothing, Accessories, Hair & Shoes & Furniture in background .. Links, Pictures & Product details & review… Because of Fluff.


Clothing/outfit: (*Maitreya*) 
Mimikri - Nina Ajour Knit Top (blossom)
Mimikri - Nina Ruffle Denim Skirt (black)
CandyDoll_Nicki Collection Panty  (Black)
Accessories (Rings & Things): 
*PC* Cherry Earring L&R & PC* Cherry Necklace 
^Left Arm^-Blueberry - Cocodoll Set -#25 Bracelets 
^Right Arm ^- :::NOIR::: Peace Bracelet R [Material]
*, & Earrings (not shown) 

DOUX - SF Collection #1 hairstyle [Reds]

fri. - Koko Wraps L+R (Coal) from N21 

Background Furniture
+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain - Long (Pink - R)
{moss&mink} Vanity Table & seat from (cute loot May 2017) 
-tres blah- Jolie - Makeup Clutter *gatcha
:::LP::: Makeup Bag - X *gatcha
Dirty Princess Is A Poser Makeup (used as a deco prop)
castle in the sky picture  picture from smith's projects
dust bunny . rose table . white *gatcha
(Butter) Pwnie Floppy ~silentsparrow~ *gatcha'
Garbaggio // Dresser *gatcha
more coming soon, sorry ive taken awhile with this one.. 
having a small hoilday break.

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