#46 Music to Move too…

Hey, this is an unusual post for me, but some of you may be aware that I  use to do a spot of Djing in SL .. Well I came across this guy,  his name is DJ Sang, well he came to me but that a technicality.  He has been playing Music for around 8 -10 years on and off, but he lately got back into it after a small break.

 I caught up with Sang for a quick chat about his music & Dj experience before his set. 


Presenting Dj Sang (sanguinius.constantine)

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Scarlett: How old were you when you started djing or mixing music in  Real life then?
Sang: to be honest I started off dj’ing on second life initially, I was tired of emoting as a dancer, 10 years ago and it was there that I befriended one of the DJ’s at breezes, as they had said for me to use Sams audio broadcaster, but upon playing around with Sams I felt it was not for me as I wanted to do more with the music.what would you say your style of music is? 

Scarlett: What would you say your style/genre of music is then?
Sang: it varies depending on my mood really, I love anything that has a good hard beat to it, personally, I prefer Melbourne style, because of the bouncy beat it has

Scarlett: Let’s have your 3 fave songs off the top of your head then? 

  • David Guetta love don’t let me go
  •  opus 3 fine night
  •  prodigy breath

Scarlett: Silly question but what’s your fave tipple…… 
Sang: pure orange juice mixed with lemonade single shot of southern comfort and a dash of grenadineScarlett: so your a bit of a screwdriver there maybe then. 🙂 
Scarlett: so your a bit of a screwdriver there maybe then. 🙂 
Sang: just a tad. ;p

Scarlett: so you on the mic, you also live mix, scratch .. do you take requests too?
Sang: I do take requests, live mix, and I’m vocal on the mic, just to get personal with the crowd, I can’t stand God DJ’s and that’s why when I DJ I perform the way I expect a DJ on SL to perform. 

Scarlett: So Where, When are you next: Sang: mainly at
Sang: Mainly at The Underground situated on the London sim,   
Thursdays 2 till 4 and Saturday 12 till 2 pm – SLT  (weekly) 

Thank you, Sang, for taking time out to answer my questions  & share a little of your would with us at because of fluff. I wish you all the best of Luck in your DJ-ing 

Sang:  Your welcome.

And just for the blog post…. 

Scarlett: What’s your fave colour?
Sang: Emerald Green
Scarlett: cool beans.

-*This post is Not Sponsored in any shape or form*-  Promotion flyer/picture taken by ღƬαηуαღ (lakeshiax)


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