SUMMER WINE. #58 & #59

Lana Del Rey – Summer Wine

Strawberries & Cherries #58 


Bottoms: -Pixicat- Janis.Bootcut Jeans – LighBlueFaded
Top: Tee*fy Sophia Top Lacey – Cherries & Blueberry (above) – Luxe Box June – Cutie Tops (below)
Hair: Doe: Rhoda – Essentials
Shoes: fri. – Dottie.Sneaks (Floral) – Maitreya
Basket: *PC* The cherry basket for Wrist –  at chapter four
Building: Scarlet Creative Atlas Resort Pool for Chaima Retreat from  June luxbox 
& Scarlet Creative Chaima Retreat from March Lux- box






*Water Horse*~ Bento Riding Horse  (English Warmblood) #59


Riders outfit as above 

Horse: ~*Water Horse*~ Bento Riding Horse  (English Warmblood)

Available here: (make sure you know which version you want Quarter horse has western equipment (tack) warmblood has English.


As this horse has been out since April this year (2017)  there is lots of add-ons etc already, a few from Jinx .

Left Top: Jinx : Gwendalore Fantasy Tack Bl/Bl (WB – Wear to Unpack

Right Top: Jinx : Plaited Mane and Tail for Water Horse Bento Riding Horse

Bottom:  Jinx : Destroyer Armour Set for Water Horse Bento Riding Horse (Warmblood)


(Below extra information is taken from the enclosed Notecard.)

This riding horse moves using any normal Second Life controls. It has four speeds: Walk, Trot, Canter, and Gallop.

To activate a special set of movements, (piaffe and passage on the Warmblood, buck on the Quarter Horse), press page down, or your crouch button. There is a different animation for both crouch and crouch walk.

You can also lead your horse by pressing a button on the gesture HUD. If you want to stop leading and remount the horse, deactivate the button on your gesture HUD.

  • I named my horse SUMMER WINE –

You can name your horse by right clicking it in inventory and select “rename”


Model, Animations, and rigging by Tyrian Slade
Coding by Stickman Ingmann, RoarBeast
Textures by LadyJess Przhevalzky, The Texture Barn



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