New* LUXEBOX JUNE 2017 /55

June LuxeBox seems to be a summer yellow theme going on, I’m pleased to see it’s not 4th July themed .. let’s get it unpacked then.

15 items this month are:

  • Blueberry -Luxe Box June – Cutie Tops
  • Foxes – Sarah One Piece – Luxebox June
  • Luxe Box June ’17 [bag]
  • Jeune by Rowne.Zoe Strap Dress – Deluxe
  • tarte. church greenhouse (luxe box)
  • Moon. Hair // – BUY ALL – Teardrop
  • JIAN Chinchilla Collection BOX 
  • #EMPIRE – Snapdragon
  • Cynful Heat Bikini – Luxe Box June 2017
  • _CandyDoll_Tilly Skirt for Luxe Box
  • Scarlet Creative Rose Hideaway LuxeBox
  • Lamb. Home – Fatpack




What’s my favorite/ least favorite item?   favorite item was the blueberry top, cause I love the detail  & colors, plus the hud is really easy to use – least favorite was the lamb hair cause it looks horrible on my avatar.

What’s the best /least value item? Best Value item [Cynful] Heat Bikini –  to types of fatpack reduced materials & materials on, 20 color options & fine details

What would I like to see more of?  an exclusive texture


Click the links below to view some of the feratured outfits........


Luxebox extra 56

LUXEBOX Extra 57








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