SL14B EVENT – SLB Community (#60) Celebration ^*PRESS PREVIEW*^

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SLB Community Celebration, an annual event held the week in which 23 June occurs.



So here I am (a little worse for wear & tired it’s 12:07slt ish.)  

^*PRESS PREVIEW*^ …. SL14B Impressive Welcome Area


SL14B Greeters -Avatars (18) of them in orange shirts, wearing Flexi prim hats, and waving colored Flexi Prim birthday flags, (im not a fan of fexi prim stuff) there is also some signs and a large not so attractive Prim sign with an SLB texture on. Which gave me a folder containing a welcome notecard, 3 Flexi prim hats in different colors, flags as well as a map hud to wear if I get lost. (I don’t bother wearing anything) 

Below are my pictures of the parcels .. enjoy more of a review tomo, as its too late now.

ps. 1) sorry about the above sarcastic post, like explained below I was disappointed that they opened so late. 2)  I did rez the Large Birthday Flag on my  home parcel ( and it has been there all week, I also kitted out my ABC horses gifts with the fexi prim hats & flags for the week, but sadly I  forgot to about the ponies after I opened the box and they died in my  inventory after  6 days, I did return to  pick up some more ponies- but it’s only  one gift box per avatar :S. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I really enjoyed this event, & I’m so pleased I took the time to sign up for the press early access, and i will in the future too, even tho I was disappointed that  (at first advertised)  the stated it would be a whole day’s press perview., and it  turned out to be only  7 hours ( which got to me uptight,  cause by the time they opened for press it was 12 noon slt (9 pm my time, where I was hoping they would be opening up around 6 am slt (3 pm my time) – so sadly I didn’t have long to look around all that was going on lag free, before bed. At the time –  little did I know that it would need even more than a day to look around. 

There are so many wonderful creations, with little extra games, puzzles, shows, galleries, shops, gatchas., giveaways etc. TBH you  need so much more time than just  an afternoon to look around it all, its crazy but so much work has been put into the creations that it’s worth going back, since the press preview I have been back twice already, to  show friends & family – My favourites have to be the giant Cake city & the 3 headed guardian – impressive. If you don’t visit the Birthday bash for anything else .. not even for the qty freebies that you can gather up as you visit many of the stalls/display areas – including ABC Horses, even if you don’t  visit or touch anything else, then you must visit the Guardian & the Cake city.  Why wouldn’t you!? ….. oh yes I forgot to mention it’s totaly free too! 🙂 

Happy 14th Birthday SL with Love






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