Rock Chic #61

Rock Chic #61

(I deleted the 1st-page by mistake so here is the new one)

Every week at  Theme Wednesday at The Manhattan Gentleman’s Club, there is a Theme dress up day for the staff to take part in if they wish. There is also a Picture contest where we can take a picture of our selfs in our themed outfit for that week and see if we can win ourselves a little Prize money or treat.

The judges are the Club Management & Owners.

This week its

 ❤Rocker Chic ❤

When: June 14th

the Notice reads: “Let your inner rocker chick out. Leather bustiers, smudged black eyeliner, fishnet stockings. Studs, chains etc. Punk rock to Metal, Joan Jett. so many inspirational figures. Look at pictures of past Bish Boxes here for ideas :”

So here in my entry and style card as well as a link to flick & of course at the bottom of the page I will put the winning pictures.


★★★ Credits ★★





Winners of Rocker Chic Theme

1st Place- ScaяℓeƬt Sᴍɪᴛʜ (me)

2nd Place- Suki

3rd Place- Tie – Adayre  & Irene





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