Crystal Heart Festival!- June 30 – July 31


Crystal Heart Festival!- June 30 – July 31



The Crystal Heart is an annual mahou shoujo themed event, dedicated to all of those who love magical girls. ♥
Sponsored by: The Sugar Garden, Altair, Vincue & Cerberus Xing, Blueberry, Olive, Murray, Violent Seduction, Catwa, Cureless, Reign, Candydoll


Crystal Heart Festival LM HERE

Scarletts comments:

I know a lot of people are finding it really hard to get into this event as I was too.  Not  only were there are a lot of people trying out and wearing the outfits that they have purchased (so unpacking)  it also seemed that there were also a lot of people just standing on the landing area to which not only made it hard to rez, but also hard to move, as you couldn’t help but push people out the way that were just standing there. There were people with tummy talkers, pets attached, sparkles on, AO’s all adding to the script limit which didn’t help the stands/stalls, rezzing really slowly.

I even heard that someone saying they managed to get in twice and the 2nd time around they noticed that there was a group  5/6 of the same people standing pretty much in the same place like they had been in the same spot all weekend.


Below are some quick snaps of the event…..( I turned only show friends on, so you  don’t see anyone else but me. )


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

IF you can get a chance to go to this event, do.. its a great event, and I  got some great outfits/accessories, even tho the lag & rezzing was horrible  of which is posted here:

One of the outfits of which is posted here: {Magical Girl} Crystal Heart Festival Fair Haul



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