TM July Events – Manhatten club

👠 :::What’s going on at TM this Month?:::

JULY 2017 Events

Date Auction running up until 15th of July (Featured picture)

——Come be in chance of winning a 2-hour date with one of the lovely ladies —-

✯A Midsummers Night Dream✯
When: July 8th 8-10pm


Warm sultry summer nights are here, come and frolic in your sexiest whimsical wear… bring out the Fauns, Fairies…try Flower Wreaths & Bodypaint, Tulle Skirts, Flowers, Lingerie.

✯Karaoke Open Mic✯
When: July 15th 8pm

Open Mic is always a lot of fun! You can sing a song, read a poem, tell a joke, it’s all up to you. Invite your friends, everyone is free to join the board, and you can tip anyone who joins!

When: July 22nd

Starts at 8pm

Voice Required- The “Spanking” happens when one of the lovely ladies is tipped to spank them selfs (in Real Life, Live & on mic, so you can hear their screams or moans. Use your imagination, some use belts, whips, paddles, hairbrushes etc. These are a lot of fun.

✯Strip Greedy✯
When: July 29th
Starts at 8pm ( get their early seats fill up fast)

Pocket Greedy will be put out, which means you can stand wherever you want and still play without having to sit in a Greedy Chair. Buy a  girly to sit in your lap for 1K per round.

That 1K entitles you too a girly of your choice to sit in your chair for one round of greedy, giving you a little bit of luck, a helping hand or something more…. ;)That 1K does not contribute toward any other service, it’s strictly to play a round of greedy.



Every week is Theme Wednesday at The Manhattan Gentleman’s Club, there is a Theme dress up day for the staff to take part in if they wish. There is also a Picture contest where we can take a picture of our selfs in our themed outfit for that week and see if we can win ourselves a little Prize money or treat.

The judges are the Club Management & Owners.

Here Kitty Kitty – When: July 5th

❤Bikini Babes & Pool Party Princesses

❤Diamond & Glitz –

❤Fetish & Kink –






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