Here Kitty Kitty

Every week is Theme Wednesday at The Manhattan Gentleman’s Club, there is a Theme dress up day for the staff to take part in if they wish. There is also a Picture contest where we can take a picture of our selfs in our themed outfit for that week and see if we can win ourselves a little Prize money or treat.

The judges are the Club Management & Owners.

This week (5th July)  was Here Kitty Kitty

Notecard reads:

“Meeeeow. Melt patrons hearts by showing up in adorable kitten accessories… but then show them kitty has claws, and purr naughty things into their ears. Wear kitten ears, cute tails, claws are okay, but try to stay away from paws. Tattoos of cheetah patterns and stripes would be fun, bell collars, whiskers, and other cute and sexy things! Please send picture or gyazo link on a notecard to Sia Tutti to be in the running!”

Here is my entry & the style card:

4a469f3e6d410cc5f1d054b1adc1ed32 (1)







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