A Over due bit of fluff….

Just to let you know that I am on my 4th week of my six-week vacation this is why my posts have slowed down just a little. 🙂  Maybe, I should have said something before, I Spos I lost heart a little as I’ve not been attending the events & purchasing the subscription boxes like I normally do.. I’ve involved myself with my hobby horses (ABC horses)  a little more recently too. I attend to do a post on them again soon.

I recently watched an interview  *meet the designer*  which featured Blueberry & what Misha & Sophia said about the unofficial blogging for blueberry etc, really inspired & motivated me to continue doing what I  enjoy doing, even if its just a little bit now and again…   they also touched on communication, and I thought of my followers & supporters and the fact I haven’t really communicated that I am on vacation.. so here I am. 🙂  I’ll post a Link toot he Vlog interview below if I can.

“If I don’t enjoy it, It becomes a chore and then I won’t do it anymore”

So when I come back out of my vacation period in September this blog – (because of fluff)  will have passed its 6-month mark – which is an achievement in its self,  one I’m proud of course .. I’ve learned so much already and there’s much more to come. It’s a little different from running an RL blog or ghost writing like I did before, but I prefer it, as I can just post the content I want too. I’ve also recently pulled myself out of blogging officially for some creators as I found I wasn’t enjoying the content they were asking me to blog. I may still blog for theses creators but on my own terms. The way I  blog isn’t always the way people think I should, and some have even said I shouldn’t blog like this.. but who cares what they think.

“I always welcome feedback.”

I’ve recently been given feed back on the way I  blog, by some creators/designers. with negative and positive results, I always welcome feedback as I believe it’s a good way to reflect & develop.

-Some don’t like the way I am honest about the products I  review, they believe that if I am given (free sample/blogger review) I should only be posting positive or nothing at all, I  disagree with this, there is far too many  positive advertising, sponsored reviews, which don’t really  give an honest review about the product quality,  the fit, the texturing, the style etc, theses things are all important  when purchasing or trying something new,  if you asked my option on a product I would give you what I really think, the good and the bad, that is how I like my blog to be, but this is not to say that I won’t try and contact the creater/ designer first to correct the fault or problem, if I think it can be corrected.

I am just a normal customer, the only difference is I write about my positive or negative experiences where others may just never speak up & chose to shop somewhere else.

-“What has become of Men’s Fashion?”-

A couple of months back I made a comment about the “lack of straight men’s fashion”, now as you can imagine this wasn’t the correct way to  go about it.. as some people believed I was attacking the gay community, which isn’t true, I was trying to make the point that a lot of the Male fashion bloggers,  Male fashion creators/ designers, seem to be developing  a lot of  girly fashion items for men lately,  like teddy boy or stripper fashion, what ever you wish to call it. but I’m sure you know what I mean. Tight fitting shirts, open cut, bulging pants, skippy swim wear, thin tank tops, t-shirts with cute kittens, fluffy pink things etc – Went to the *new Man Cave event with a male friend,  in his words ” nothing man-ly in here apart from the bento beard”  he wasnt the only  one who found it disapointing.. What has become of mens Fashion? – the Mad Pea -swag bag flopped cause it was mostly posed, tattoes, deco & too much of the same.

I have a project idea coming up to get a survey out to the male community and see what men really want to see in SL when it comes to fashion.  I think the results will be interesting,  maybe the creators/designers have done their market research right. and if so I will eat humble pie .. and sadly we may see some of our beloved men leave SL.



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