The Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2017

I’ve been excited about this fair for a while, but sadly   I only managed a quick pit stop on the preview day so I wanted to drop into this fair again, and report on a couple of things I really liked the look of including some which exclusive.

  • Alexis Bento Head by LOGO
  • Belleza’s new outfit for Jake
  • Swallow’s Pixie Ears ^^
  • Maitreya Amala Bikini  – exclusive
  • Maddict – Funsie Deux Socks & Zoe Cozy Sweater
  • :::insanya::: Carmen Bodysuit  – exclusive
  • #EMPIRE – Wisteria
  • [Cynful] Star Girl Outfits  – exclusive
  • more to come…..

Something I haven’t done for a while, but I really enjoyed the MBA fair, loved the easy to navigate lay out, clear defined stalls and low lag environment, since it opened I have been back here 3/ 4 times already and each time I have managed to get in with no problems.  Thank you, MBA, for a well thought out event.

 I also thought this would be a great time interduce a new feature.  *For Mr.*  were possible I will be including items/products I think Mr. would like, this may also include a Style card for Mr also.

The Mesh Body Addicts

The MBA Fair opens to the public at 12:01am August 1st.



PHOTO CONTEST – To celebrate the third year of the Fair, there will once again be a photo contest! To take part, all you have to do is submit a photo of yourself (just you!) wearing at least 4 of the exclusive items available for sale at the Fair to the MBA Fair flickr group and title it ‘MBA Fair Photo Contest Entry (your username)’.


Prizes will be awarded to the best styled and most creative entries, including a cash prize of 5,000L for the winner, and a 2,500L prize for second place!

Be in it to win it! Join the Flickr group here:

Thank you all and happy shopping!

♥Because of Fluff 

Slide show of pictures of the stall at the event

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“Here is my review & thoughts on some of the featured creators/designers so here we are in no particular order.” 

The Alexis Bento Head by LOGO


LOGO’s new bento mesh head is debuting at the MBA Fair
Alexis is loosely based on Alex, their non-bento mesh head,
which will please the old LOGO Alex fans out there.

“If like me you already have a Non Bento Alex Logo head you are eligible for a refund of 1500L on the new Alex bento head – (After purchase of the new one while wearing a discount card!) So yes make sure you go the discount card before you purchase this new Bento update- unfortunately you still have to have the 4k (3999l) to purchase this head at the time tho. I didn’t & tbh I’m quite happy with the catwa bento head I have at the moment. “:)

To claim your discount/refund here is the notecard instructions which are also available at the MBA fair at the LOGO stand. 

*Congratulations, if you own a LOGO Alex head you are eligible to receive a 1500L discount on Alexis!

To get your discount you will need to get a redelivery of your head from the Updates and Redelivery sign in the LOGO store or here in the booth at the fair.


You can wear the bag and right-click and Edit it. Inside there you'll find an object called "LOGO Alexis Discount Card (Wear Me When Buying For Refund!)"

Simply wear this discount HUD while you are purchasing Alexis and you will be refunded 1500L after purchase.

If for whatever reason you didn't get your discount you can IM Maximillion Grant and I will refund you within 24 hours.

Max and Polly

Belleza’s new outfit for Jake 

Belleza have released a Linen Style outfit for their mesh body Jake at the Fair, which if you have the mesh body,  this is great for you.  I don’t know anyone with the  Jake Belleza Body, (there is prob reasons for that) – so at the moment I can’t review the fit. 

Swallow’s Pixie Ears ^^


I’m currently wearing the (Mandala)  Elf ears & have been looking for a set of new ears, but nothing has taken my fancy till now.  

Great Value for money,  love the custom options & you get two types of ear Protruding or normal.


Swallow’s Protruding ears – hair from #Foxy – Regan.


I really enjoy Swallow’s ears, & I was pretty pleased about how these fitted & matched with my skin tone, I will still need to tweak at the colour match a bit more, using another computer screen that displays colours in more detail. 

“I see that this post has become a little bit of a long one…”

Maitreya Amala Bikini – exclusive

Oks well yes it’s nice, of course, it’s a super fit, and the texture has great details, you can’t get a better fit. This is a great one to add to your Summer wardrobe, I couldn’t recommend it higher. But I just feel for me the summer suit/bikini, the boat has already sailed around the island and back again. Its a shame that this wasn’t released earlier, and it would have probably been in my bag. 

Maddict – Funsie Deux Socks & Zoe Cozy Sweater

Very tempted by  Socks – the  Duckie socks caught my eye, I have a thing for duckies at the moment, Sadly tho I found the couldn’t be worn very easily with shoes or trainers – which is a great shame as I am not really one for running around in just my socks. 

Ducki socks (149L),  I would love the unicorn ones also- but unfortunately there only in the fat pack, The plain colors I’m not too fussed about.

Love the slogans on the Cozy Sweater sets – but not 100% super on the fit, and wasn’t sure that you could get the slogans on the other colors or not singles 250l each, 1599L for fat pack I thought was a little pricey. I tired the demo and didn’t like the fit around the sleves , I also there was no demo hud, just a Brown color sweater with a heart on it , ( not very  useful to see what the other coulurs / slogans migth look like.) 



:::insanya::: Carmen Bodysuit   – exclusive


Well it eye catching, sexy & value for money at 250L- which includes all the currently available colors. Fit for Phy, Hour, Maitreya, Freya, Isis & Venus but not for the standard.

I grabbed a demo as I wasn’t sure on the fit for the  Maitreya with all the gaps, I glad I  did …. as I was a little surprised. This body suit wasn’t a skin tight fit, and there were no mesh details a part of the zip pull, It’s tidy and neat, but I found it to be very much like a swim suit and you know what i think about swim suits 😛


#EMPIRE – Wisteria


20 colours – for 599L, Well known Brand, good qty texturing, nice styling, fits well, value for money, do I need to say more. Personality I’m not sure if love them at the moment, but I  may well find an outfit later on that they will work super with.


[Cynful] Star Girl Outfits  – exclusive


A little sporty something as the advert says: Single includes Top & Bottom,  20 different top & bottom strip colours & drawstring colours. 
Single includes Top & Bottom,  20 different top & bottom strip colours & drawstring colours. 
Fatpack is the 20 colours, + 7 exclusives & 6 special extra options (stripes, waistband, & drawstrings can change independently) 
If i was looking for a little something sporty, or If I have any money left at the end of the week, Im going to come back for a Pink set. 



Babe AllColor for EVE

I know there for the eve body. but I could resist the unicorns  .. just lucky they didn’t have duckies on them as well. At 65L each I had to buy one. 



Right, that’s the Main part done- now some quick pull out from the other stalls. 


  • {le fil casse} Claire X top – (purchased  Strawberry)
  • Elegance Boutique
  • FnH – Be sexy

{le fil casse} Claire X top – (purchased  Strawberry) 

**Picture to come

150L each , 850L fat-pack for  Maitreya, IsIs, Freya & Hourglass

I really love le fil casse products at the moment, so when I saw this it was an impulse buy.  

Elegance Boutique

Elegance Boutique -Dress + Bra 225L each – FP 50% off – 1235L

Elegance Boutique -Short – 150L each – FP 50% off – 825L

Temped to buy the  “Magissa” – Lined – & -Short “Magissa”-Fuschia – Maitreya – total 375L

FnH – Be sexy – 

**Picture to come


FnH Teasey Boob Tube -Mesh- Cutie (Purchased) 180L

FnH Cheeky Mini -Mesh- Pink (Purchased) 195L





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