Men Cave. Augest 2017

The preview was for the day before but I managed to squeeze in under radar before it opened, some of the creators were still setting up as you can see from the blank spaces etc, I went along with an open mind, hope to see something that may take my fancy, with my male friends & my husband in mind I was disappointed by what was on offer overall.  But … there were these two stalls, in fact right next to each other which was not bad and I would differently recommend a look at.

Pictures below of the event.

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(Below) Here are the two stalls I think are worth mentioning.. yes they weren’t all bad.  but in my option, these were the only too I  liked … If Mr likes them as well,  We may see a style card maybe.. not promising anything.







“And the negative award goes too….. “

Yea there is always one thing that I just don’t like & this time around it the working man pants  *They do the job* Is the creator taking the mic/piss here, I really  hope so .. cause these are horrible.. whats the butt patch for… a tail or something or is it sposed to be an easy access hatch.. omg I don’t what to know.   -Gross!


“Man cave- spouse to be full of Manliness they said .. but sadly some creators think differently.




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