Shoetopia 2017 – Part 2

I haven’t blogged in a while, but I thought this would be a good event to get back in it again. Apart from Shoetopia, I’ve also been to N21, Uber, C88, & Ultra so I have lots of small collections of outfits to share with you.

But let’s roll with Shoetopia…..

This is the 2nd Shoetopia of 2017 the 1st was in spring you can revisit that one here.


The main sponsors of this round are: Astralia, Slink, Breathe, The forge, Vale Koer, Reign/Flute, Blueberry, Candydoll,-N-core,- Essenz, Phedora & Gos.

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The last time I slipped in Blueberry still wasn’t set up – which is why I  and many others are finding it easy to get into the event at the moment. Its rumoured but not confirmed that Blueberries release will be the boots/ shoes she has been working on lately.

I must point out the thing I  noticed with the GO boots, the leg part/finishing is very similar to the boot that Coco Released at N21 event. See my outfits from N21 here

Here is my till receipt/bill for -Shoetopia fall 2017-

  • [The Forge] Livia Gladiator Boots, HUDPACK
  • Eliavah ~ Althea’s Kicks [ROSEwa GARDEN BLACK]
  • (AMD) Autumn Blossom Heels – Pink
  • MURRAY- Snejana Ankle Boots // Onyx
  • MURRAY- Miuccia Lace Up Heels // Onyx
  • [BREATHE]-Onyx Boots-Pack Six
  • ::GB:: Double Belt Boots (Male) GIFT
  • _CandyDoll_ Carolina Heels Black

See outfit pictures with the shoes I purchased & price details HERE.

The slideshow below is of some of the stalls/displays I found interesting including a few purcheses & some of the items I tired on quickly.

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