The Gacha Guardians – October 2017

The advert reads: The Gacha Guardians Spooktacular is OPEN!
Greetings guys and ghouls! This years Spooktacular October round of The Gacha Guardians is NOW OPEN! This round features 76 new gachas by some of the greatest Creators on the grid and for those of you who would like to do a little Trick or Treating our generous Creators have put together dozens of free gifts!

How To Play >

How To Play, The Guardians Explained!

The Guardians Event offers a simple but wonderful new twist to playing Gachas. Our event rewards our players for just playing! Here is how it works!

  • Players make pulls on their favorite machines just as they normally would.
  • Every time a player does 20 pulls on a single machine they receive a gift called “Gift of The Guardians” along with the 20 gachas they would normally win.
  • The Gifts of the Guardians cannot be won by chance. They aren’t won at all. Instead they are a gift given by our Creators to those that play their machine at least 20 times.
  • The Gifts of the Guardians are NO copy/ YES transfer just like a regular gacha so you are free to keep, trade or sell them as you’d like.
  • After the event ends all Gifts are retired and will never be made available again.

The Gacha Guardians <Landmark>


Hosted by Gimme Gacha Productions

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All the Entries with play prices are in the slideshow Below –
(more being added)

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Bargains of the Event:

.click. Autumn Vibes Gacha – 25L per play – that’s 500L for the gift which is a Bento Pose & a Blacket Prop. & you can never have enough Bento poses.

Guardian Gifts shown below:

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“Apart from the main Guardian Gifts, there are also some great Free gifts”!

 Of course, you get Guardian Gifts after 20 pulls but there are also lots and lots of great gifts (Free Gifts)  to pick up as you go around.


Free Gifts

Here are some of my faves:

pr!tty – Limited Edition – {Kitty & Pumpkin Kitty Earrings} (Limited edition)

Lil’Bug Yoga Time Gift – A yoga Mat – come with a pose included

“Moon_Sha” Pumpkins Fantasy Plant



PROMAGIC* Pyramid- Gift – MISSING!? I thought what a cool box & checked my inventory thinking it must have unpacked itself, but sadly not.  (I’ve contacted the creator & will update here when I get a reply.) Oh apparently the item I got is correct Its a Pyramidpaperweightt – once re-sized down to a smaller shape, it does look quite neat. 

Talking about cool boxes – I Like to share with you some more boxes I thought were pretty cool & that I will probably use as decor items.


Little Llama – Happy Halloween Banner box


[Vaak] Leafy Pumpkin Group Gift  box


.TeaBunny. Kitty Wreath  Box


I played & came away with the following : (pictures below)

  • dakendStare. gone batty [vampy] fly, darkendStare. gone batty [autumn] shy
  • KITE – Silly Bears Gacha – Cuddling, seen in picture with – Shopping Bear – Free Gift.
  • .::Supernatural::. Star Queen Earrings [Gold/Black]
  • 1.Doe: Jemmie (solid) – Blondes, 4.Doe: Jemmie (solid) – Colors, 7.Doe: Jemmie (solid) – Monotone,9.Doe: Jemmie (solid) – Pastels,15.Doe: Jemmie (twotone) – Gingers,17.Doe: Jemmie (twotone) – Neon
  • [ zerkalo ] Music is Life – The Beat Neon Sign – BlinkingOn/Off,[ zerkalo ] Music is Life – Record Table
  • Kei’s Automat Gacha – Played this one over 20 times to get the Gifts of the Guardians with is the Kei’s Automat Gacha GOTG (coin changer) prob got most of the whole set here- which I’m looking forward to putting together in our games room at home.
  • .click. Autumn Vibes Gacha  #1,#2,#6,#7, #8 RARE .
  • Junk Food – Death Cereal
  • ((Lovely Alien))ToothyBlooms_Pastel
  • [Cb] FALL Pose Prop (REZ)
  • 02 -Sorumin- Trick or treat GACHA -Color 1- Maitreya,03 -Sorumin- Trick or treat GACHA -Color 2- Maitreya,10 -Sorumin- Trick or treat GACHA -Monster on shoulder- (would have liked one of the more colorful dress designs)
  • “Moon_Sha” Pumpkin Stool 2, “Moon_Sha” Pumpkins Plant 3 x2

More pictures coming soon…

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That’s it.

Spent way too much at this event .. My commons &  Rare Spares will be avaible on my Marketplace store.




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