FAMESHED – October 2017

check out – FAMESHED – November 2017

Well its a new logo, new layout, & new website for the Fameshed team- looks good, though I heard the Map is a must so here it is: (don’t forget you can click any image on this blog to get a bigger view)


I always think that fameshed is mostly furniture & buildings but I think this round its 80% clothing and accessories.

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The List of What I purchased:

  • :V.e. Mademoiselle Tux Dress Navy
  • _CandyDoll_ Jacinda Dress Black
  • *COCO*_HorseRidingJacket_Black & *COCO*_CutoutBreeches_Beige
  • =Zenith=Off shoulder midi dress (Pack D) -Maitreya


Pictures of the Buildings including the Demo area

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Quick comments on the new layout>

Some people don’t like it, some are saying it’s not easy to get around, to find items etc. Personally, I didn’t use the map once.  first time I landed in the center I was pleased not to be dropping onto someone’s head or to be pushing people out of the way in order to walk away from the landing point. The beauty of this layout is that people have to move away from the landing point in order to view/purchase items. (I think that’s a brilliant idea, cuts rezing/loading times down, as you don’t rez everything at once.

I really enjoyed walking around the sim, like it says in the advert, is based like a park, so you wander around and explore the surroundings. As you can see I managed to take some really nice shots of the park.

The second time I entered the event, I landed in the cam sim, yes I found it a little difficult to purchase from here as my I was too far away, but I soon managed to walk from the cam sim across the line to get into the Park. But without the landing point bumping, where people are parking their aves to just shop where they land, its much more pleasant experience.

so thumbs up to the designers and creators of the new layout, what do you think, welcome to leave your comments or blog links in the box below.



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