Heart Desired

This post involves my beloved friend & partner in crime (SL Horse) Destiny Awaits.

I’ve had Destiny in my life for about 8 months now, she is about 7 & we have had many great adventures together it been a learning curve getting to know each other but we (touch wood) have become soul mates.

This is her first modeling adventure & I must mention though she can be a right mare sometimes today, even out in the fresh meadow this morning, she behaved her self very well, even tho she spooked, had a little dance & panic at the newly painted fence, we managed to get past it without to much fuss.

Today we are trying out a New Tack set called Heart Classical from Hoofbeat Boutique – its RRP on the Market Place is: or you can purchase it directly from the store in the Everest creek Shopping Center – the location here: Hoofbeat Boutique  

Whats in the box:

HBB – Heart classic Diamond Bridle ((worn)) & HBB – Reins

HBB – Heart classic saddle

HBB – Heart classic saddle [ No stirrups ] & HBB – Stirrups up

Both saddle styles come with the Heart shape cut out detail – Saddle ClothPad

HUD for Saddle & a Separate [ No stirrups ] Hud for the Saddle without stirrups.



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Once you have purchased your horse, probably the single most expensive piece of equipment that you will buy is normally saddle. That fact alone is reason enough to choose carefully when selecting a saddle, although it’s not the only reason.

The first thing to decide is which style of saddle you need. Often the sport in which you participate will dictate your choice of saddle. Dressage, show jumping, western pleasure and saddleseat classes all require very distinctive styles of saddle.

However, the choice may not always be so simple. For example, riders who enjoy riding their horses around the trails may do so in either a general purpose english saddle or a western trail saddle. In cases like this, you have to consider what else you like to do. If you mainly trail ride, but like to feel the exhilaration of jumping over fallen logs you meet on the way, you might decide to choose a general purpose english saddle.

oks ive waffled on here, maybe its gone abit too realiatic

Most of the saddles made for horses in SL are either general purpose english, general purpose western or the english Dressarge saddles, I Have seen pony saddles & i think ive seen a couple of racing saddles.

Here are a couple more pictures of myself riding Destiny ….

This is now Destinys  current saddle,  We love the heart cut out, which makes it abit more girly, plus the added sparkle on the head (brow band).






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