Rally 2 Rescue Oct 1st-20th 2017

From October 1st to October 20th… The Rally To Rescue Shopping Event!!

This Rally To Rescue shopping event is super exciting as all the funds raised this time are going to Operation Delta Dogs!

If you need another excuess to  shop, this is one of the best reasons to spend alittle bit more lindern on that pair of Shoes.


The Rally To Rescue is an event to raise funds for real world abused, misunderstood and abandoned animals.


Website: http://rally2rescue.com/october-1st-october-20th-2017/

Landmark Location to Event:

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I went along to have alittle look around, the 1st thing i noticed is it was supported by a 1% SL biker group, which put me off alittle, I was even considering not to blog about this event , just casue of the thought of the Drama that used to surround these SL biker groups.  But apart from a info box about the Biker group & a Bike for sale there wasnt any biker hanging around or much Biker related stuff, which i was pleased about.

There were some stands I didnt take pictures, prim items, full permission / kit items & of course – Someone selling shapes which you must know by now i cant stand.

If like me you didnt find anything that took your fancy.. you can just donate in the the 100% donnation jar, and all of that donation goes stright too the heart & not in the pocket.









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