The Equine Decorating Contest (Is Back)

Equine Halloween SpookTacular

Independently run by laycie Pearl  ✫✫ Decoration competition.✫✫

It’s time to get out your box of decorations, grab your finest horse/pony and come get your slot for the Decoration Comp.

=Opens =
✫ Wednesday, October 18th at 7pm SLT –
✫ Prize Winners announced on Results day .
✫ Any questions please IM or note card Laycie pearl.
=Prizes are as follows=
✫1ST – 1500L
✫2ND -1000L
✫3RD – 650L
✫4TH – 350L
Please have fun with this . Let your creative juices flow and show us Your interpretation of what Halloween means to You.

=Judging is as follows =
3 x independent Judges each score from their sheet, all three scores are then added and total high scores win the prizes. Here at Equine You are all winners anyway so please just have fun with it.㋡

✫ 25 Prim allowance only . This does not reflect your (3) Horse/Pony’s Max limit -ABC ONLY- and food.
✫ Avatars not permitted sorry.
✫No rotating/moving scripts (please respect this rule)
✫Only one stall per person.
✫ Please stay within Your own space.
✫Sounds and animations off.
✫Must be set up and finished before 24Th October so the stalls can be judged.
✫ HAVE FUN.㋡…………Overseer…laycie pearl.

The winners are :

✫1ST –

✫2ND – Me 🙂

✫3RD –

✫4TH –


18 entires in all they can all be viewed here:





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