FaMESHed Sept 2017


FaMESHed :: http://www.fameshed.com

  • :CP: Brother County Cuddle Wall (Adult) -1500 PG Set -1200


  • [Con.] & Kuro – Summer Haven – Bed PG FP -329  /ADULT FP- 680 – BARGIN (But its one of them floor beds)


  • wooden fencing system tiny model from DAD – 1200 for fence + 180 foir the snow addon

(I have seen something similar before – but DAD has put more details into the gates – and extra colours which is useful.


  • Ariskea[Sage]Full Collections- 1100L$


  • Di’Cor Countryside Windmill -599 (another not original idea, and this one doesn’t look very realistic either, shame really.


  • Heart – WW – Hores Chestnut – Mature 4 – unfortunately it’s not an animated tree – 699L


Fancy Decor: Beham Collection Fatpack -499L Single chair – 199L – BARGIN


JIAN Green Cheek Conure Habitat – 450L – this creator always does beautiful animals, even tho there some times not quite as they would be in >RL, there’s still lovely. This is for anyone who wants a bird in their life.


KraftWork Garage Conversion – 649L


[PM]Pixel Mode – The Naturist – Adult -650/PG – 450 (outdoor shower)


hive // fall scarecrow set – 225L

Stockholm&Lima:Traveler’s Reprieve Bed PG – 600L / ADULT – 1800L


SAYO – Artists Loft Skybox -350L – texture changer just for the lift door !


CR Plumeria Bushes – 399L still not animated


Trompe Loeil – Hudson Lighthouse – 550L – BARGIN (but only one floor)


uK – Fireplace Fountain Rustic Gold – 225L  FP- 1550L

(Bring us a new concept with a waterfall fireplace)



.:revival:. – Coming soon ……


Not impressed with the furniture this month.. it was a bit like getting dressed up for dinner and then arriving to find your the only one has made an effort.

Let’s hope the clothing & Deco are better .. Instead in going allaround, im just going to pick out what i like.

oks i skipped some stores aleady – then i come across this

MG – Necklace – Alexa Leather Choker – looks pretty and I am thinking maybe this would work, notice no demo sadly … at at over 300L – im  not going to  buy it to try it out.

an option to buy one would be nice



















Dark Paradise

Lana Del Rey – Dark Paradise

-Dark Paradise -Picture taken at Winter Moon- . 

Outfit : Poppy – OlaenkaDress *black* Maitreya from Shiny Shabby

Loving this cutie little 60’s style dress from Poppy, found at the Augest Round of SS.

Teamed up with the necklace I also picked up & my super Comfort country boots

Necklace: (Kunglers) Serena necklace – Peridot  from Shiny Shabby

Boots: Mosquito’s Way – Carol for Maitreya







The Manhatten Club – Closed Doors open new ones.

11th August 2017 –  Unfortunilyt last night the hard decision was taken by the owners (Sia & AJ) to close the much loved Manhatten Gentlemen’s Club, which has now gone into administration. But the EX- Management & past owners including owners of the Brother club are working to get another club open or in place as soon as possible.

´As one door closes two more open.´



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Pinup Girls- Manhatten club

❤Pinup Girls

Rock that classic pin-up girl look! Think Betty Page or more modern like Dita Von Teese. Be a little edgy, but still seductive… classic/retro lingerie, a little gothy, burlesque, be the girl that every guy comes in and wants you on his wall to kick start all of his fantasies.

– “Ok well not sure if we will see the results of this contest due to the fact that the Manhatten club has unfortunately recently closed, but I am going to put a couple of outfits together. just for the fun of it.” 





C88 collabor88

The Birthday round of Collabor88 is now open until September 6th.

Teleport to Collabor88

Teleport to Collabor88 Cam Shopping Sim 1

Teleport to Collabor88 Cam Shopping Sim 2

 This August’s theme: Plastic Fantastic

Collabor88 is celebrating its 6th birthday! As usual, this extra large celebration round features all the invited guest designers of the past year. 

Theme Description:
Lounge in latex, prance in PVC, or veg out in vinyl. Shine on through Summer in vibrant color, let your imagination soar with the life Plastic Fantastic.

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It’s just  Fantastic!

What did i purchase:

  • Shyra Lace Jeans include HUD, mesh body compatible, 8 options available, demo available, 188L each/288L each pack.
  • Shyra Top includes HUD, mesh body compatible, 2 options available, demo available, 88L each.
  • Subdub Dress includes HUD, mesh body compatible, 20 options available, demo available, 288L each/1888L fatpack.
  • Doe: Nylon+ – Gingers
  • Stealthic -sensual (browns)





Men Cave. Augest 2017

The preview was for the day before but I managed to squeeze in under radar before it opened, some of the creators were still setting up as you can see from the blank spaces etc, I went along with an open mind, hope to see something that may take my fancy, with my male friends & my husband in mind I was disappointed by what was on offer overall.  But … there were these two stalls, in fact right next to each other which was not bad and I would differently recommend a look at.

Pictures below of the event.

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(Below) Here are the two stalls I think are worth mentioning.. yes they weren’t all bad.  but in my option, these were the only too I  liked … If Mr likes them as well,  We may see a style card maybe.. not promising anything.







“And the negative award goes too….. “

Yea there is always one thing that I just don’t like & this time around it the working man pants  *They do the job* Is the creator taking the mic/piss here, I really  hope so .. cause these are horrible.. whats the butt patch for… a tail or something or is it sposed to be an easy access hatch.. omg I don’t what to know.   -Gross!


“Man cave- spouse to be full of Manliness they said .. but sadly some creators think differently.



The Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2017

I’ve been excited about this fair for a while, but sadly   I only managed a quick pit stop on the preview day so I wanted to drop into this fair again, and report on a couple of things I really liked the look of including some which exclusive.

  • Alexis Bento Head by LOGO
  • Belleza’s new outfit for Jake
  • Swallow’s Pixie Ears ^^
  • Maitreya Amala Bikini  – exclusive
  • Maddict – Funsie Deux Socks & Zoe Cozy Sweater
  • :::insanya::: Carmen Bodysuit  – exclusive
  • #EMPIRE – Wisteria
  • [Cynful] Star Girl Outfits  – exclusive
  • more to come…..

Something I haven’t done for a while, but I really enjoyed the MBA fair, loved the easy to navigate lay out, clear defined stalls and low lag environment, since it opened I have been back here 3/ 4 times already and each time I have managed to get in with no problems.  Thank you, MBA, for a well thought out event.

 I also thought this would be a great time interduce a new feature.  *For Mr.*  were possible I will be including items/products I think Mr. would like, this may also include a Style card for Mr also.

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Country Chic – TLC August 7th – 30th

The Liaison Collaborative!

Starting on August 7th – 30th – the month’s theme is Country Chic! Inspired by the simple life of the country, nature, and a little bit of flair!


Bee Designs, Belle Epoque, CAROL G. TATTOO, Consignment, ERSCH, Neve

!gO!-. Infiniti . – [ kunst ]-[Glitzz]-{NANTRA}-Ama-an lar [poses]-Atelier Visconti-B.F. Store-Baiastice-Bauhaus Movement-Belleza-BEO Jewelry-Black Tulip-BODY MOD-Calm.-Canimal-CORPUS-dahlia-Dead Dollz-E.V.E-EarthStones-EMO-tions-Entice-evoLove-Fashiowl Poses-Jinx-Les Sucreries de Fairy-Little Branch-Love-Luanes World-Lybra-
-M Law Designs-Merak-Mosquito’s Way-Nanika-Niu-O.M.E.N.-Plastik-Promagic-RAPTURE
-Senses Store-Serenity Style-ShangHai-sYs Design-TUKINOWAGUMA-Una-Valena-Voluptas-Virtualis-

The Liaison Collaborative!- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Remarkable/232/184/23

Blog: http://liaisoncollaborative.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLiaisonCollaborative
Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/LiaisonCollaborative
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiaisonCollabor
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/liaisoncollab/


gO! Dakota bandana top – Maitreya Lara

(BOOTS) – Mosquito’s Way – Carol for Maitreya

(HAT) – *PROMAGIC* Dhairya-Hat-2 –

Matched with Blueberry – Melanie Jeans – Blueberry Bootie – Maitreya

under hat hair  –   #Foxy – Regan.

Swallow’s Pixie Ears – from MBA Fair – see here



!gO! Dakota skirt A  & Dakota bandana top – Maitreya Lara

with (BOOTS) – Mosquito’s Way – Carol for Maitreya


Swallow’s Pixie Ears ^^are from MBA fair

A Over due bit of fluff….

Just to let you know that I am on my 4th week of my six-week vacation this is why my posts have slowed down just a little. 🙂  Maybe, I should have said something before, I Spos I lost heart a little as I’ve not been attending the events & purchasing the subscription boxes like I normally do.. I’ve involved myself with my hobby horses (ABC horses)  a little more recently too. I attend to do a post on them again soon.

I recently watched an interview  *meet the designer*  which featured Blueberry & what Misha & Sophia said about the unofficial blogging for blueberry etc, really inspired & motivated me to continue doing what I  enjoy doing, even if its just a little bit now and again…   they also touched on communication, and I thought of my followers & supporters and the fact I haven’t really communicated that I am on vacation.. so here I am. 🙂  I’ll post a Link toot he Vlog interview below if I can.

“If I don’t enjoy it, It becomes a chore and then I won’t do it anymore”

So when I come back out of my vacation period in September this blog – (because of fluff)  will have passed its 6-month mark – which is an achievement in its self,  one I’m proud of course .. I’ve learned so much already and there’s much more to come. It’s a little different from running an RL blog or ghost writing like I did before, but I prefer it, as I can just post the content I want too. I’ve also recently pulled myself out of blogging officially for some creators as I found I wasn’t enjoying the content they were asking me to blog. I may still blog for theses creators but on my own terms. The way I  blog isn’t always the way people think I should, and some have even said I shouldn’t blog like this.. but who cares what they think.

“I always welcome feedback.”

I’ve recently been given feed back on the way I  blog, by some creators/designers. with negative and positive results, I always welcome feedback as I believe it’s a good way to reflect & develop.

-Some don’t like the way I am honest about the products I  review, they believe that if I am given (free sample/blogger review) I should only be posting positive or nothing at all, I  disagree with this, there is far too many  positive advertising, sponsored reviews, which don’t really  give an honest review about the product quality,  the fit, the texturing, the style etc, theses things are all important  when purchasing or trying something new,  if you asked my option on a product I would give you what I really think, the good and the bad, that is how I like my blog to be, but this is not to say that I won’t try and contact the creater/ designer first to correct the fault or problem, if I think it can be corrected.

I am just a normal customer, the only difference is I write about my positive or negative experiences where others may just never speak up & chose to shop somewhere else.

-“What has become of Men’s Fashion?”-

A couple of months back I made a comment about the “lack of straight men’s fashion”, now as you can imagine this wasn’t the correct way to  go about it.. as some people believed I was attacking the gay community, which isn’t true, I was trying to make the point that a lot of the Male fashion bloggers,  Male fashion creators/ designers, seem to be developing  a lot of  girly fashion items for men lately,  like teddy boy or stripper fashion, what ever you wish to call it. but I’m sure you know what I mean. Tight fitting shirts, open cut, bulging pants, skippy swim wear, thin tank tops, t-shirts with cute kittens, fluffy pink things etc – Went to the *new Man Cave event with a male friend,  in his words ” nothing man-ly in here apart from the bento beard”  he wasnt the only  one who found it disapointing.. What has become of mens Fashion? – the Mad Pea -swag bag flopped cause it was mostly posed, tattoes, deco & too much of the same.

I have a project idea coming up to get a survey out to the male community and see what men really want to see in SL when it comes to fashion.  I think the results will be interesting,  maybe the creators/designers have done their market research right. and if so I will eat humble pie .. and sadly we may see some of our beloved men leave SL.