February 2017 Luxe Box


March Luxe Box is on its way – the group is open to join already.

Don’t forget to join the Luxe Box Group before 11:59 PM SLT  on 14th – at the cost of 1500L to receive your Luxe Box for this month, after that, you can join on the 15th for 24 hours for 3000L! And if you want to catch some boxes you might have missed out on   As long as you stay in the group, you can buy past boxes at the store for 2000L each!

February 2017 Luxe Box – unboxing 



Looking at the hud & starting too unpack it – my first impressions was a disappointment,  the items looked very pain and very similar to each other.

My 1st item to unpack from its creators box is the Monica Top, which I notice then that its Maitreya Only, I instantly  think of the belliza wears complaining- but as I always like to think, this box is something for everyone- so on the reverse of that it’s not going to be everything for everyone or something, beliza weares i feel for you.

February 2017 Luxe Box Incudes

  1. [Azuchi] Monica Top *Maitreya Only*
  2. Blueberry – Luxe Box February – Cutietop
  3. #EMPIRE – Virginia
  4. Foxes – Romantic Cami – Maitreya Lara
  5. Lamb. Film School – Fatpack
  6. Moon. Hair // – BUY ALL – Anatra
  7. Tee*fy Luxe Box Feb 2017
  8. tarte. chloe canopy bed
  9. Scarlet Creative Aime Carriage
  10. Jeune by Rowne.Dasha Wrap Dress – Deluxe
  11. MishMish – Fancy Turtle for Luxebox
  12. ISON x Luxebox


*The Monica Top from [Azuchi]* which is a guest designer/creator in the luxe box this month. the top is  a strap crop top, camisole type – packed with 5 different  colors – there is no hud for color change etc- which  has its good and bad points- something I might  blog about in the future ( pros & cons of color huds)

the top reminds me of something that blue or Adams have done in the past – maybe even a free group gift- not really something expected to get in the luxe box tbh but the  fit is spot on, clean and tidy and the textures are really nice – it’s something I would wear with jeans, shorts etc, be interested to see what jackets will go over this top too if any.

Next is one of my faves *Blueberry & the Cute top*  – long sleeved hoody, crop top with corset style tie fastening. – included in the creator’s box is a  help me a notecard,  Cute top too fit,  Freya,  Hourglass,  Isis,  Physique, Venus & Maitreya, picture of the cute top & ofc the Blueberry hud (pleased to see the color pots, are a little bigger displayed this time on the hud. 24  main body colors & matching tie colors too. – not overly impressed with the colors – but could go well with jeans, or shorts on even the cake leggings.

Third unpacked is the EMPIRE – Virginia Shoes/ ankle boots, first impressions – pleased with the style and the contents of the box from Empire – again is is another of my fave designers – the pack includes 2 of each normal version & blueberry Pizza version, to fit:  Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique & Venus, plus the Virginia – HUD which has (wow) details colour selection for the main boot body, laces, metals, & straps, so you can customise your own colour selection out of the 20 combinations, the strap detail goes nicely  with the strap detail on the blueberry top.

Forth – Foxes – Romantic Cami – Maitreya Only – Cutie strap, silk looking top, probably would have been nice for valentines day/ romantic weekend. Might wear it as underwear, shame it didn’t include underpants in the pack, 10  main color options + 10 matching lace options. love the detail on the lace around the hem.

Lamb. Film School – Hair – now there were a lot of comments going on in the group chat about this hair not fitting etc, there have also been issues in the past with lamb hair not fitting correctly and glitching,  I am not sure what the problems are -I know that lamb is aware of the issues and they have been trying to resolve the issue,  I haven’t researched this myself – it maybe something I will look into, but personally I haven’t had glitching problems or fit problems with lamb hair- I just don’t like the style of the hair. I like little bones, and though  i will try other hair styles i keep comeing back too littlebones. But going on the problerm people have been talking about- doesnt really give me conferdence to try new lamb hair styles, i always recommend that when ever you  try a new hair style even if its with a hair designer that normaly  fits, do the demo 1st.

So the Lamb. Film School Hair fatpack – is huge- as I  mentioned they are aware of the problems that people are having so they have to include a lot of fluff in the pack to help people as much as they can- now i think there going to way over the top and making maybe too complicated for the user, but  go on them for trying to resolve the issues and provide tools to help/ support. so yeah there is lots of stuff for me to include here. Lamb. Film School – Alpha Texture, +  Eccentric HUD, +  Film School – Variety/Ombre/Eccentric, +  Ombre HUD, + . Variety HUD, a fixer for Forehead problem, a notecard on *Alpha Hairbase Issues?*, Blacks HUD, Dark Blondes HUD, Dark Browns HUD, Lamb. Film School – Alpha, Gingers HUD, 3 x Hair Base in Dark, Medium &  Pale Tone (Tintable),  Light Blondes HUD,  Light Browns HUD,  Pastels HUD, Reds HUD & ROYGBIV HUD plus an ex6tra notecard * Mesh Information (Always Demo!)*  – I’m  tired just  by looking at the contents of this pack.

If lamb set the stands of what a  fat pack is spouses to be like- then foxes & Azuchi fatpack is a letdown compared to Lamb’s. 

I tried the + Lamb. Film School – Variety/Ombre/EccentricLamb with the Eccentric HUD  which was really  slow to respond, but once in did respond, the change of colours was really  quick to load- the style reminds me of  a little Harley Quinn girl, surprising I quite liked the style, it’s fun,  and hair fits my body,  so it doesn’t hang with such a large gap, which I sometimes find a problem, meaning I don’t have to change my body shape or increase my chest size in order to fit the hair style- which is a big plus in my book.


Up next is Moon. Hair – Anatra pack. Included the pack is: *Fitting Instructions & Information* notecard, Physics for Fitted Hair (Optional),  Alpha Mask, Moon. Hair. // Anatra (main hair part), then the Huds which are as follows:  B&W, Blondes, Brunettes, Erratics, Hysteria, Neons , Ombres, Pastels , Reds & Variety. – Very clear pack with all that is needed – not a busy as the lamb pack – overall pack layout  good,  this one is peaceful & professional.  Stil wearing the foxes top and my catwa headbase I choice to try out the Reds colour hud, as this is one of the colors I  normally  go for, ok- well the style is pretty easy  going, a more sensible look compared to the lamb style – the texture, I’m  not so keen, it didn’t do anything for me, looked like I was wearing old school hair, and when I changed the option to add light it looked like I had flakey hair – not a good look. cute- maybe useful for pictures – but not something I would want to wear every day.

Tee*fy-Hailey Dress – Pleasantly surprised to find a dress- included in the pack is  Hailey Dress to fit Hourglass,  Slink & Maitreya plus the Hailey Dress – Hud, & a picture/ advert of the dress. The dress is a two piece ( top & skirt) & the Hud include 10 color options for the top & skirt, really pleased with the texture quality, love the crease detail on the seams & bodice, the skirt is also at a nice length, and hangs naturally from the hips. (Need to wear with underwear)

– tarte. chloe canopy bed see last details –

– Scarlet Creative Aime Carriage see last details –

Moving on down too – Jeune by Rowne.Dasha Wrap Dress – Deluxe – another guest for this month, tho I have experienced Rowne before- so  I am a little excited to see what is in the pack. the pack includes Dasha Wrap Dress to fit: Maitreya, semi-formal ,Slink Hourglass & Slink Physique with the colour options hud which has 8 colours for the main dress body. I was a little disappointed – as I have experienced rowe work before hand, this dress is not the best example of their work, I found it to be a little boring, to be honest, there was no option to change the colour of the tie & the texture work, was not as detailed as I expected, tho its a very straight forward more mature style of dress, and I could see it being useful for semi-formal.  again maybe it would have been more useful  for valentines themed outfits, the fit wasn’t too back, being a longer skirt  style  it can sometimes be a bit tricky with playing out the parts that  glitch tho etc.. I found it quite easily with  this style of dress- also my bento hands glitched a little around the cuff, but this wasn’t too noticeable as many other long sleeve items. I could see myself wear this dress again, tho it’s a little plan for my personal taste but like a little black dress useful to have.

– MishMish – Fancy Turtle for Luxebox see last details –

ISON x very please to find a pack labeled  (luxebox exclusive) this pack contents from Ison  are: ISON – layla dress too fit slink physique, slink hourglass & Maitreya, plus the Hud with 12 colors & a little picture. Ison is another of my fave designers & I was pleased with the dress, the style was something different and eye catching, not a style that I have seen in the stores lately, I choice the navy blue, but either of the colors is easy to match with items from other creators.

Ok that’s the end of the fashion section now on to the decorative items including a building of sorts from Scarlet Creative.

MishMish – Fancy Turtle – yea its a turtle I’m not to fussed about theses pets to be honest I just see them as something extra, a gift from  luxe box mayb-ø its not something I would rush off to by or something that would make me return to by something from Mish-mish, yes there well made and you get the fat pack of sorts-. Whic includes: a picture of the item, Fancy Turtle / Stance A pink & Stance B pink, (pink!?)   Turtle Companion &  Companion Hud, Turtle to hold & hold hud.

The Stance A or B pink ( the static version)  – isn’t totally pink in color, by the way, it refers to the spots on the back of its shell. ( i was relieved) again the colour huds, just change the colours of the spots and not the turtle body colour (a friend of mine was disappointed in the fact she couldn’t  change her companion to be a totally pink tutle, which  I am secretly pleased about) – you  can’t  deny these creatures are cute, but there not realistic looking, very cute cuddle cartoon style, and yes there very fun.

taste. Chloe canopy bed – surprise surprise it another bed from Tarte- contents of the pack include the canopy bed  & a thank you for shopping at start notecard & a picture of the product. – the information I had here earlier is now being updated- as I have been informed its incorrect, I’m sorry for any misunderstanding it may have caused, I’m really thankful for people getting in contact as with me.   I  believe it is important to provide as correct information as possible.

The creator was very quick & kind in correcting my information. I have been made aware that taste. never have “fatpack huds” included but occasionally they will include a few texture change options, but that is not standard.  Personally, it’s pretty, the animations are to a high standard, and it would make a great prop for posing for pictures etc,  but I would have like a texture changer. I can  now also comment the excellent  customer service that I’ve experienced  behind this product its great to see they do really care about what their customers think -and if you are having problems or you  just want to share you feedback you can get in  contact via notecard or in the luxe box group and someone will be on hand to help you out.

Scarlet Creative Aime Carriage – I thought it was a skybox/ house- but no it’s a little  Carriage house. Pack includes just the  Carriage and a picture/advert thingy. The build is of old train Carriage style with Two small rooms divided by a double sliding door, outside porch area – rusty, worn texture. – a great hideaway place for garden etc.

















To be continued.. please refresh for the update …..ta luxe lovers .

















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