Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are relatively new to Second Life and there are many available catering to fashion, decor, roleplay and much more. You can pre-order a box for a lower sum and wait until release day to get your goodies, or you can wait until after release day to make your purchase. Waiting can be beneficial for those who want to wait and see what’s in it via social media, or blogs though you may end up paying a larger sum.

Paying for a subscription box means you’ll receive a variety of never before seen mystery items, either exclusive or semi-exclusive.


BishBox consists of 15 clothing and accessory items for the “wild and crazy girls of Second Life”, as their website explains. This box is released on the 20th of each month and costs 1500L$ before the 20th, or 3000L$ to purchase after the box is released.


Builders Box *New*

Builder’s Box is a quarterly (released every 3 months) build-only subscription box packed full of nothing but great homes, skyboxes and other buildings. The box was formed by Will Corrigan and scripter Dennis Albion.


Cute Loot



Cutie Loot is a new Kawaii themed subscription box. While only one box has been released so far, it received rave reviews from the adorably cute collection of clothing, hair, and accessories in the Kawaii fashion. This box is released on the 8th of each month and is 1500L$ to preorder, 3000L$ after release.

Check out my unboxing & review of the 1st Cutie Loot here.




Deco(c)rate is a monthly mystery box filled with high quality, original mesh decor, home and garden items.

Check out my unboxing & review of the MArch Deco(c)rate .



enMESHed  is a monthly subscription service in second life that delivers ten of the top SL designers custom creations directly to you inventory on the 1st of each month.


Luxe Box



Luxe Box is the box for chic, glamorous girls. You can find anything from clothing, shoes, hair, and even some decor. For 1500L$ preorder you will get 12 items from top designers across the grid. You can also purchase the box after the release for 3000L$.

Check out my unboxing & review of the February Luxe Box  here.

Powder Pack

Makeup is no exception to the subscription box trend. This box, or boxes, consist of 12 appliers for the Catwa or Lelutka mesh heads. Catwas packs are released on the 17th of the month, and Lelutka on the 1st. This box costs 1500L$ to preorder or 3000L$ after release.

Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest is dedicated to the Role Players of Second Life. You’ll find a collection of 12 fantasy items from clothing to accessories, decor and more. The box is 1500L$ and releases on the 15th. You can purchase it for 3000L$ after release.



Is no longer – but you can still purchase the old bags- but only up until march the 6th 2017


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